Updates from Yemen

Just when we think they cant spew any more filth, this report appears in the warmongering New York Times, justifying the wholesale slaughter of Yemeni children by their Saudi allies and bankrollers in the region.

“Why would we acknowledge something that doesn’t exist?” said Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri, the coalition’s spokesman, when asked whether the airstrikes had killed noncombatants. He said it should fall to Yemen’s exiled government or the United Nations to investigate such deaths.”

NYT Airstrikes take toll on civilians in Yemen war.

Victims of airstrikes on al-Asbahi neighbourhood, Sanaa: these images from inside Yemen tell a very different story to the one being portrayed by the majority of Western media, UN honchos and of course Saudi media and spokespeople.

Hassan al Haifi, academic and journalist based in Sanaa, Yemen.  “My house has just been rocked by a massive explosion” [12.57 14.9.2015]

Interview with Hassan al Haifi for RT July 2015

The Hunger Games.  The Starving Children of Yemen.


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