MSO India says Hajj Crane accident was assassination of Iranian Space Scientist


I have just received the following statement from the Muslim Students Organisation in India.  It is preceded by a report from Farsnews:

“Iran’s Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Vaezi announced on Monday evening that Dr. Ahmad Hatami, a science board member of Iran Space Research Center, was among the 8 Iranian pilgrims who died in the incident.

The minister expressed deep sorrow over Hatami’s death and extended his most heartfelt condolences to his family and to the Iranian IT and space technology community.

Iran’s High Council of Cultural Revolution also issued a statement minutes later this evening, confirming the scientist’s death and expressing its profound sadness and condolences to the community of Iranian scientists.

At least 107 Hajj pilgrims were killed and 238 more were injured when the crane collapsed on to the Grand Mosque during storms.

According to reports, eight Iranians were killed, and 32 more were injured in the incident.

Storms were lashing the Saudi city of Mecca when strong winds brought down the crane that was part of construction works.

Tons of rubble and debris crashed to the ground on top of scores of people gathering in the mosque for 6:30 prayers when a section of the crane crashed through the roof.

On Sunday, Iranian Pariament Speaker Ali Larijani blamed the Saudi administration’ negligence as the main cause of the deadly incident.

“The Saudi government should have made the necessary preparations to safeguard the lives of the pilgrims,” Larijani said in a message of condolence to the bereaved families of the victims.

He regretted that the Hajj rituals coincided with this sad incident, and asked Saudi officials to immediately probe into the case.”

shujatMSO of India demanded enquiry to International Court of Hague in Haj so called accident

Haj accident is a conspiracy to kill Iranian scientist.

Saudis did it to hammer Iran Space Program-MSO

New Delhi, September 16, 2015. India’s largest Muslims students association Muslim Students’ Organization of India demanded an independent inquiry of International Court of Justice, Hague in so called accident during this Haj, where 107 Hajis were killed.

National Secretary Shujaat Ali Quadri asked that top Iranian space scientist and university professor Ahmad Hatami was killed in the crane collapse in Mecca’s Grand Mosque on Friday which killed 107, which we do not believe an accident. This is meant a political killing of Prof Hatami to dilute Iranian space research program. Quadri said Doctor Ahmad Hatami, who was a renowned member of the Iran Space Research Center, was killed along with 8 other Iranians who made the deadly pilgrimage to Mecca.

MSO demanded that a free and independent inquiry shall prove our doubt of political killing. “We subscribe the statement of Hedayatollah Mir-Moradzehi, a member of the Iranian parliament who is Sunni that following the deadly crane accident, Saudi Arabia should no longer be in charge of the Haj ceremony at the Muslim holy site” Quadri stated. He told journalists here that this incident is the result of the Saudi regime’s imprudence and carelessness and they should have increased the safety factor for the construction projects around Kaaba.

MSO stands with the demand of Iran Member of Parliament that Mir-Moradzehi that if Islamic countries within the framework of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) take the responsibility of handling the Haj ceremony, much better results will be yielded. MSO emphasized that Kaaba, the building at the center of the mosque, doesn’t merely belong to Saudi Arabia and it is for all the Muslims and therefore all of them should cooperate in running and administering the Haj ceremony.

Shujaat told that the Saudi regime showed that it doesn’t have enough capability to secure the safety of the pilgrims and manage the Haj ceremony.

MSO shoot an application to the International Court of Hague for inquiry in the incident.

Shujaat Ali Quadri (Secretary, MSO of India)

Farsnews report

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