Update from Aleppo: “Moderate” rebels on a killing spree across Syria.

Update from Aleppo. Seems the “moderate rebels” have been busy killing, maiming and mutilating civilians. I read an unbelievable piece of propagandist fiction from James Sadri, White Helmets, tonight. Hope this Syrian account redresses the balance..

“A lot of attacks are taking place on civilians within the last week in many cities in Syria. They are targeting schools and markets to kill children in their first days in back to school week, and to kill innocent civilians who are struggling to make a living or putting food on their families’ tables. Total of losses in Aleppo city within the last week around 47 deads and 200’s injured. They are attacking many other villages and cities as well, like Hasaka, Damascus, Homs, Latakia, the villages of Nobbol & Zahra in Aleppo prvnc. and Fou’a & Kafarya in Idleb’s prvnc.

Anyway, army and resistance are fighting back in other areas and defending whatever they could. I hope to see Russians and Iranians as well helping Syrian army to defend themselves from all these zombies who came from all over the world.”

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