Saudi Criminal Bombing of Old City of Sana’a: WHY????

But over the past six months and the continuous massacres of Yemeni civiians, the last being the coldblooded murder of 135 people attending a wedding in Mocha, of whom most were women and chidren, military logic seems to be the last thing in the minds of Saudi military strategists.

These attacks seem to a clear case of man’s inhumanity to man – a clear case of unadulterated unforgivable arrogance, uncultured chauvinism and unforgivable barbarity.

Yemen Common Sense

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi




I went to the Old City of Sana’a on September 24, just four days after the barbaric and absolutely criminal Saudi air raid on the UNESCO declared World Heritage City (

More than any other place in this world I dwelt in or visited in my life, Sana’a is perhaps the location that most infuenced my life. 

I was born in this fabulous city, when there was still no “new” to distinguish any of its parts with any of its surroundings.  In fact, Sana’a had telephones. and a modest electricity network, which were introduced in the early part of my life, before the September 26, 1962 Revoution.  Thus, the new was beginning to encroach and blend in (but still harmlessly) with the unique architecture of this amazingly well  designed city of urban – albeit medieval – planning.  I knew Sana’a then when the charming city was still…

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