Voice from Aleppo: Targeting hospitals, look who’s talking!

This is an unedited comment from a friend based in Aleppo who has been sending regular accounts of events in and around Aleppo.  Names are not published for their security as Aleppo is now the scene of some of the most intense fighting in Syria. However, these are the voices so often ignored and marginalized by the Western media and propaganda merchants serving their masters in the regime change driving seat.  This gives a powerful insight into the daily terror endured by the Syrian people, horrors that are never described in the mainstream media or reported by the White Helmets.

My first and short comment on blaming the Russians of targeting opposition hospitals is: Look Who’s Talking!

Since the beginning of the crisis, or let’s say, since the beginning of the organized armed gangs like the FSA, An-Nusra Front, and Da’esh, they were competing with each other who can demolish more hospitals and schools than the other.

Literally hundreds of hospitals have been destroyed in Syria by suicide bombers driving huge vans full with explosives into them, and they recorded their ‘achievements’ and published their videos on YouTube and Aljazeera-like channels with pride.

No one talked about the doctors, nurses, and patients who had been buried alive under the wreckage of these hospitals. Maybe once or couple of times, Ban Ki Mon was worried or condemned such acts, but that’s it, nothing more than few words on UN that everyone forget the next day, and go back to blame the ‘regime of killing its people’.
The terrorists’ excuses in bombing these hospitals are ridiculous. They would say that this hospital is full of ‘shabbeeha’ (armed groups that are pro-Syrian government and army); full of ‘Alawites; full of ‘Infidels’; full of Assad gangs…….Therefore, it’s ok to bomb them and purify the land from their “dirt and filth”!
Other mainstream media might be much better in selling their lies and excuses, by saying that the SAA was using these schools and hospitals as shields to fight and snipe from, so we had no other choice but to destroy it to protect our pregnant women and innocent children!

I don’t know if Russians did target any terrorist field hospitals and I know that in many of their areas there could be civilians who are either forced to stay and can’t leave, or they share the faith and mentality of the terrorists. But I’m sure that they are the a minority in those areas, because most of them have already fled these areas to the government controlled areas.

One terrorist from Aleppo, Khalid Heyyani, who was a fish (and cigarettes) seller before the crisis, became a leader of an armed gangs in one area in Aleppo city. He became experienced in all gang specialties ~ murdering, kidnapping, raping, shelling civilians…you name it.

The guy was murdered finally by the SAA in one complex operation last Ramadan (June – July). Recently, we became aware that a new leader had taken his place in leading the shelling and bombing of that same area. Guess who? His wife (or widow, to be more accurate)! She’s taking revenge, they say! So I ask the mainstream media, if the SAA succeeded in killing her soon, please don’t show it as ‘the Assad armed gangs are killing an innocent woman, after killing her humbled husband several months ago without mercy!’….

They might even add that ‘she was pregnant’!

P.S.: Most of the Syrians who joined the opposition armed gangs were the dregs of society. They were nobodies before the crisis, and became leaders of armed militias, with millions of dollars in cash, limitless sex slaves, and celebrity and fame on Aljazeera-like channels and social media (FB and Twitter).

I keep hearing and reading about what these leaders were in the near past, that this fellow was a smuggler, and that guy was a janitor or cigarettes dealer. They had the chance to become something now with this mess. This is what happened in every state in the world that suffers from instability. They armed the losers and failures in the societies and give them the freedom to do whatever atrocities they like, why not, as long as they are shown on the media as heroes and freedom fighters?

As for David Nott’s stupid propaganda and similar media, I have a simple question: Who is shelling civilians each night and day in Aleppo city with mortars and cooking-gas rockets? Who is destroying residential buildings partly or completely with their water-heater missiles? (I’m attaching a picture of how they look like at homes, they’re located in the bathrooms to have hot water in winter for bathing. The terrorists are forming them into rockets and filling them with explosives. There are YouTube videos about it).

Last week, one of these random rockets hit the column on the ground floor of a residential building, and that damaged it and all floors above, killing and injuring dozens of innocent people who were sleeping in their bedrooms. Yet they dare to turn a blind eye to such crimes, while criticizing the ‘barrel bombs’ shamelessly in the MSM.

Why it’s ok to target civilians, hospitals, and schools in the government areas, killing and destroying with pride in their achievements, making jokes about the murdered Syrian soldiers, and praising them with ‘Bravo’ on MSM, but it’s not ok to target their mercenaries ‘the moderate ones, of course!) and their field hospitals, if they were hospitals in the first place?

Such media has limitless rudeness!

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