Palestine: Make your calculations ~ Nahida Izzat

9th November 2015


The total area of the historic Palestine is about 27,000 km 2

* Historic Palestine is very densely populated now, with about 5 million native Palestinians and 6 million invading usurping Jews

* The extreme vast majority of those invading Jews are serving or have served in the terrorist army of occupation

* The extreme vast majority of those usurping Jews are actively participating in oppression, ethnically cleansing and slow genociding of Palestinians for well over 7 decades

* The extreme vast majority of those invading Jew are living on STOLEN Palestinian land

* The extreme vast majority of the usurpers of Palestine are ideological supremacists and exclusivists who believe they are the “chosen” and have only moved constantly in one direction towards hardcore fanaticism and militarism, for whom any future solution would not be possible unless they keep control over LAND and APPARATUS of POWER

* The lapse of time since the beginning of “Nakba” does not diminish the Palestinian inalienable rights in Palestine, nor does it create falsified “rights” for foreign invaders to keep the loot

* The 6 million Palestinian refugees living in exile have the alienable Right of Return and the right to Restitution, Reparation and Compensation

* Historic Palestine it too small to accommodate 17 million people

Make your calculations!

Nahida Izzat 

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