Photos from Syria: Life in Homs

My dear friend and sister Eva Bartlett from Homs. This is SYRIA.


 Eva Bartlett, a Gazan writer and photographer, posts from Homs in Syria:


Old Homs: destroyed shops and restaurants re-opened, life returning to the heart of Homs, cleansed last year of the terrorists who targeted civilian and commercial places. Some shops open for a few months now, other more recently–the fruit and vegetable shop opened 5 days ago.


Yesterday [December 15], in Homs, I visited the Zahra district where a December 12 car bombing (Red Crescent vehicle) killed 22 residents and injured at least 140 injured–many of whom critically so. This was apparently one of the largest terrorist bombings in Homs in the last 5 years, according to Syrian media.

What corporate media failed to report was that it was not just one blast, but 3: the initial car bombing; the explosion of a gas truck which the car had parked near to; the suicide bombing some hours later of…

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