Syrian President Bashar Al Assad

19th December 2015

My personal reflections on the man who has confounded Western regime change pundits and media demonization.

This is the man accused of “killing his own people and murdering children” photographed with the children of Syria. 

This is the man accused of sectarianism, of hating & persecuting Christians, Sunnis, & Druze photographed with Christians, Sunnis and Druze. 

This is the man that the West has been unable to remove despite every feasible propaganda trick in their dwindling repertoire.

This is the man whose army has not deserted and whose people have not once attempted to harm him, despite his moving among them without security wherever he goes.

This is the man who has confounded his critics and maintained a quiet dignity when being vilified or aggressively interviewed by the Western “presstitutes”.

This is the man who has remained on Syrian soil and in solidarity with his people, the people who elected him in their millions in 2014

This is the man the Syrians chose and this is the man who will be chosen again even if the UN decide to hold elections on the moon.

This is the man that eclipses every Western politicians waning popularity.

This is the man who will fight to ensure Palestinian freedom and the end of Israeli occupation.

This is the man who deserves our respect as the chosen representative of the Syrian people. 

God bless Syria.

Lady of Damascus church

President Assad and his wife Asma join the joy choir at the Lady of Damascus Church December 2015


“Another video of President Assad surprising a choir in Damascus while practising Christmas carols. Call it a public stunt, but if they didn’t love their elected president then this wouldn’t have turned out as a happy occasion” ~ Lulwa Kasawat


May 7th 2014.  President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad received Tuesday sons and daughters of the martyrs on the occasion of the Martyrs’ Day


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