Still On The Unjust Arrest of Sheikh Zakzaky by the Nigerian regime


There is no law in #Nigeria that banned the activities of IMN under leadership of Sheikh #Zakzaky. But Nigerian govt blocked the website of IMN. This is a mark of tyrants & oppressors in history, they want to prevent the oppressed from narrating their stories. They fear Truth. They want to present their lies as the Truth & prevent the oppressed from narrating it’s own story. To be just people must hear the two sides of the story.

More than 3000 years back a man came to Prophet Daud (as) & complained. He passed judgement without hearing d other side. God rejected that & commanded him to hear both sides before passing judgment.

From the beginning of creation that is how Truth is discovered by hearing both sides of the story. And one must purge heart of hate to discover Truth.

Because hate prevent the heart from discovering & accepting…

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