A Rejoinder to Emir Sanusi on his malicious insinuations on the Zaria massacre

Finally, my last word to all Nigerians is that we should reject Hate preachers. We should reject political & religious leaders who promote hate & have hate propagation as an agenda. Hate will never benefit Nigeria, hate will only breed wars, conflicts & senseless killings. Nigeria is the only country we have, if we allow evil & corrupt leaders like this corrupt northern elites to destroy our country then we will live to regret that.


A Rejoinder to Emir Sanusi on his malicious insinuations on the Zaria massacre:

A brother who is a Lecturer in one of the Nigerian Universities sent me an Audio recording of a “counselling” session of the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II on the recent brutal killings of defenseless Shia Muslims in Nigeria by the Nigerian Army. When I saw the title of the Audio recording I thought it was the usual Emir Sanusi that will preach Unity, tolerance, mutual respect & peaceful coexistence among all Nigerians whether Sunni, Shias, Christians & followers of African traditional religion.

Sadly that was not what happened, I discovered a new Emir Sanusi who is reading a script given to him be the corrupt northern Elites & promoting the evil agenda of #ShiaGenocide & Shia cleansing. I deliberately refused to add the word “Sunni” in describing this corrupt elites of Northern Nigeria because they…

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