Propaganda alert: Madaya media fabrications; recycled photos

In Gaza

“I live in Tayr Filsey, not Madaya, and I am fine.” –Marianna Mazeh; ‘Starving Syria child’ revealed as south Lebanon girl (article below)

This is a brief post with the intent of merely alerting people to the latest campaign to demonize the Syrian government and army, and also at the same time to depict the terrorists inhabiting Madaya as somehow noble or in the right… as somehow not the human shielding terrorists that they in fact are. Madaya is the new Yarmouk. [See this post regarding the lies and propanda that were put forth in the exact same manipulative manner on Yarmouk previously. I will be writing an update on Yarmouk, which I visited in December 2015 soon.]

Madaya Basics:

*image fromFars News

-village in hills NW of Damascus, near the Lebanese border

-occupied for many months by approximately 600 terrorists (60% Ahrar al-Sham, 30% Jebhat al-Nusra…

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