18th January 2016.

Kafarya and Foua Fatma Nour al Deen 1 year 4 months

Fatima Nour al Deen, 1 year 4 months old. Died in Kafarya & Foua 13/1/2016



Yesterday I received the distressing news that yet again, the UN had reneged on promises of essential fuel deliveries to the besieged and starving Idlib villages.

Dr Ali Almoustafa, head surgeon for both villages, informed us that the situation was deteriorating rapidly without fuel for heating and electricity.  He said that it was impossible to carry out emergency operations and that many procedures were being delayed and this was putting patients at great risk and exacerbating their suffering.

When I asked when the last fuel delivery was made to Kafarya & Foua, I was told:

“There was no fuel delivery before 
We depended in the summer before the cease fire on the stock… And a small smuggled amounts and some risky air drops by the [SAAf] helicopters”
I have been told that people are uprooting & burning their precious olive trees in an attempt to stay warm as winter temperatures plummet in Syria. The villages are said to be decimated by the almost 5 year long siege that transformed from partial to full siege in March 2015.

From Eva Bartlett’s article, Untold Suffering in Kafarya & Foua,  dated 20/8/2015:

There is virtually no electricity; generators can only be run if and when there is fuel, which there largely is not. Without electricity, bakeries have shut down and water is not pumped.

“There are more than 60 critically ill people, and others who have been seriously injured by the shelling. Heart and kidney patients, and those with cancer and other severe diseases, are at risk of dying due to the lack of the necessary medicines and drugs for treatments.” ~ Saer Asleam.

In stark contrast, Madaya’s fuel delivery is on its way, facilitated by the co-ordination of the Syrian Government and the SAA with the UN.

In the last few days alone, we have received the following heartbreaking stories from Kafarya and Foua, still being largely ignored by the Western and Saudi/Qatari Arab media whose focus is on the maintenance of the Madaya propaganda storm.





This 5 year old boy is suffering with skin cancer which is ravaging his tiny body and reducing him to skin and bones. His condition is worsening due to the Ahrar al Sham, Al Nusra blockade that has ensured none of the medicine or nutrients he needs have been allowed to enter Kafarya and Foua.




This is baby, Fatima Nour al Deen, 1 year 4 months old. She died not from a bullet or a terrorist rocket but from severe malnutrition that caused her hair to fall out and her body to wither from starvation and cold.  She died on the 13th January 2016.   She released her fragile hold on life days after Madaya hit the headlines but she was not mourned, or even mentioned by the BBC or the assorted mainstream media.







This 2 month old baby girl is severely underweight.  Her mother is barely able to feed her, she is also suffering from malnutrition and the constant PTSD of life under terrorist siege and the daily threat of incursion or rocket fire.  This child has been born into a life of deprivation and without the sustenance she needs to strengthen her depleted immune system.  She has not been mentioned by the mainstream media.  Her plight is being ignored.  Why?

Throughout the misery being inflicted upon the predominantly Shia community of Kafarya and Foua by Western/Israel/GCC backed terrorist factions, media coverage has been scant and dismissive.

Mariam Mohammad, daily scouring Arabic and English media, noted: “Until this moment, the Arabic media is not paying the least attention. Western media has given zero coverage. Only Reuters mentioned them on August 12, in passing, when discussing the truce negotiation in Zabadani. Most news is on this truce; if Kafarya and Foua are mentioned, it is as an addition.” ~ Selective reporting, sectarian slant. 


Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini, Riyadh educated, Wahhabism promoter,  who has been in Syria since 2013, massacring proclaimed “apostates”, training child suicide bombers and invoking Fatwas against Shias, tweeted on the day that he launched the Madaya propaganda campaign.

He called for $ 1 million dollars to supply 300 Elephant rockets to annihilate the Shia enclaves of Kafarya and Foua if nothing were done to save Madaya from the “starvation” imposed upon it by his own Jaish al Fateh terror coalition of Ahrar al Sham & Jabhat Al Nusra.

He issued a call to action to media aides from Al Jazeera, demanding they “promote” the Madaya story with immediate effect.  Journalists such as Faisal al Qassem, renowned for advocating Alawite cleansing in Syria & Ahmad Mansour, who interviewed Jabhat al Nusra commander, Al Joulani, in 2015.


In August 2015 when his Jaish al Fateh thugs were bombarding Kafarya and Foua and threatening murderous incursions into the villages themselves, Muhaysini threatened that any advances on Madaya or Zabadani would be countered by “massacres” in Kafarya & Foua.

We cannot help but ask why the Western and Saudi media has utterly ignored the hideous situation in Kafarya and Foua .  Why has the UN not sent representatives to assess their suffering?  They say it is because they fear the terrorist road blocks, yet they sit and have tea with the same terrorist factions in Madaya.  Why has fuel still not been delivered that can alleviate many of Kafarya & Foua’s afflictions?

Why are western media reporters seemingly colluding with Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini and his Saudi handlers to further incite sectarian division and hatred in a secular country such as Syria that has always celebrated its diversity as opposed to fomenting ethnic schisms.

“Heed not the blind eye, the echoing ear, nor yet the tongue, but bring to this great debate the test of reason.”  ~ Parmenides


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