Yemen: The Forgotten War Video collection

4th February 2016

This page will be added to, as I create new videos leading up to the UN Human Rights Summit in Geneva 1st March 2016, which I will be attending with delegates from Yemen and Lebanon to present the case for

  1.  The illegal use of Cluster Bombs in Civilian areas
  2.  The horrifying Humanitarian situation in Yemen thanks to the Saudi-led coalition’s blockade and bombardment.

Upcoming UN Human Rights Summit in Geneva. The attending Yemen team will be presenting: Yemen: The Forgotten War.

Yemen is the forgotten war, the forgotten siege, the forgotten genocide. With the full complicity of the US and NATO, the Saudi led coalition has been bombarding the blockaded nation for 10 months with no respite for Yemen’s civilians. Targets have been predominantly densely populated civilian areas, essential infrastructure, hospitals, schools, wedding venues, mosques and homes across Yemen. Over 7,500 have been massacred since March 2015.

Yemeni people are battered, bloodied and starving and the world is silent. The use of cluster bombs in densely populated civilian areas has ensured a devastation on a terrifying scale. Smart bombs supplied by the UK, mercenaries imported by Saudi Arabia via companies such as Blackwater have increased the pressure on this civilian population.

The UN has done nothing, even allowing the withdrawal of the investigation into Saudi crimes against Humanity in Yemen, appointing Saudi delegates to head up the UN Human Rights Panel.

While the blood of the Yemeni people runs in rivers in their own land, punished for standing in defiance against Saudi oppression, corruption and brutality..the world looks the other way.

This must end. The world must act. The UN must fulfill its purpose. On the 28th February 2016 a team of Yemeni delegates and supporters will go to Geneva to present a case for the illegal use of Cluster Bombs and the deteriorating Humanitarian situation in Yemen. Please support them…


Video 1

Video 2

On the 5th January 2016 Saudi Arabia bombed the Al Noor Centre for the Care and Rehabilitation for the Blind in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. At least 3 people were wounded. The trauma suffered by these vulnerable and fragile human beings is unquantifiable. At 1.30am two Saudi missiles hit the sleeping home for the blind. Imagine the terror and confusion that would be the case for sighted people, but for those unable to see, unable to find their way to safety across broken glass and without familiar walls to feel their way to the exit, this would be the kind of terror that only exists in their worst nightmares. Their tears fell onto the hard ground of International endorsement of Saudi war crimes against the Yemeni people. Their tears fell from eyes that cant see and were ignored by a world that is blind.

Video 3

Yemen is about watching life wither and turn to dust in front of your eyes, not because your hands cant keep hold of it but because it is obliterated by bombs, shattered by shrapnel, eviscerated by blast after blast of hate and vindictiveness.

In Yemen life is about resistance even when ever fibre of your being is screaming to relinquish hope and succumb to grief.

In Yemen saying good bye is a daily occurrence, kissing your child’s face, mingling your tears with their still-warm blood and wishing your breath could enter their body and bring them back to you one last time.

In Yemen the dust lives in your eyes and your mouth, grinding against your teeth like the gnawing hunger in your belly.

In Yemen hope is a crumb of stale bread or getting to the front of the queue for clean water.

In Yemen life has become a fight to retain every shred of dignity when your existence has been reduced to tattered remains of what you dreamed it would be.

In Yemen life is waking up every day to the cacophony of war, the orchestra of death and knowing you are alone.

In Yemen, resistance is all that is left because dying is better than kneeling before the snarling dogs of war.

In Yemen what is great and good in Humanity is a force that will never be subdued, this is Yemen and Yemen will prevail.


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    While you’re busy prepping for the oh-so-important football game this weekend, take the time to witness the heinous crimes against humanity your government and its criminal allies are perpetrating on the men, women and children of Yemen.


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