Watch: Kafarya & Foua the ignored suffering of the Syrian people

7th February 2016

Yesterday tiny baby Zahra succumbed to starvation in Kafarya and Foua.

There will be no outrage from Western or Gulf media.  There will be no crocodile tears.  There will be no outpouring of venom against the Saudi wahhabi terrorist gangs that have ensured her death.  There will be no investigation.  There will be no Avaaz petitions.  There will be no Ken Roth tweets.  Robert Ford will barely raise an eyebrow.

Zahra will die unnoticed and ignored except by her extended family in Kafarya & Foua who have watched her wither away,  helplessly, unable to alleviate her suffering.

This video has been made in memory of Zahra and all the other suffering villagers still inside Kafarya and Foua and under terrorist siege so they know they are not forgotten.

Rest in Peace little one, you have gone to a far happier place than here on Earth.

Photos: Facebook Page


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