Live: Update from Aleppo

5th March 2016

Short update from inside Aleppo.  Thank you to all these people who have kept the truth flowing from inside Syria…


“On the 2nd of March, we thought that the ceasefire is over. Heavy clashes started mid day in Aleppo city and didn’t end till evening. First the government held sides had been attacked several times by mortars, then the ambulance sirens were heard for some time, before hearing the first artillery retaliation from government side. Then it developed to hear some airstrikes later on.

What happened?

According to news and other witnesses, the fighting was at Castillo junction village, to the north of Aleppo city. That village and axis were the last smuggling arms way to the terrorists, coming from Turkey. The clashes were between the YPG Kurds vs. The Nusra Front and other armed gangs. The aftermath of the fight ended by liberating that northern village, and therefore the terrorists in the city are surrounded and has no supply anymore from the Turks.
The ‘rebels’ activists said that the Kurds started the fight and violate the ceasefire to help the Syrian ‘regime’ in besieging the ‘rebels’. But the YPG sources said that what happened was the opposite. “First, Nusra Front and Chechen fighters neither signed nor agreed on the ceasefire agreement, so the fight with them never stop”, said the YPG source. “we didn’t start the fight. They started targeting Sheikh Maqsoud district – the northern one in Aleppo city under the Kurds control – with non-stop mortars shelling, and they tried to occupy al-Mesherfé Hill, coming from the Castello village. So we were defending our areas”.

It seems that the SAA had backed the YPG and together they made the terrorists under siege now.

The Russians recorded 5 violations to the ceasefire agreement in Aleppo the next day (yesterday) from the Nusra held areas against the YPG in Sheikh Maqsoud district. Other sources mentioned casualties of 2 killed civilians and 25 injured ones.

However, yesterday was in general a calm day. Funny jokes started to pop up amid all the merciless fighting, saying that people who used to sleep on the bombs, shelling and shooting’s noises each night for such a long time, are having difficulties in sleeping in calm atmosphere  of the ceasefire agreement”


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