Yemen: Vanessa Beeley Speaks to Richie Allen about UK US Saudi War Crimes

1st April 2016

Hajjah boys2
Bakil Almir, Hajjah May 2015

Abdu and Marwan, their father was Mohammed Nasser Thuknah. These two boys were targeted along with their entire family in Bakil Almir, Hajjah in an area bordering Saudi Arabia.

12 members of their family were massacred in a cluster bomb strike. Their father, mother, siblings and all their close relatives. These two boys survived for a further two weeks until they also, succumbed to their terrible wounds.

Those cluster munitions were supplied by the US. Cluster munitions can contain chemicals such as Napalm or White Phosphorous. The wounds and burns on these children suggest that a chemical agent had been used.

The US is by default a war criminal, they supply these lethal and hideous WMD and they are present in the Riyadh command and control centre when targets are chosen. The UK is also an accessory to murder, standing in the same control tower and supplying identified cruise missiles that have been used on civilian structures with no regard for human life.

I will be talking to Richie Allen tonight about this and other grave violations of human rights and war crimes being committed in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition supported by US, UK, NATO, UN and reinforced by their AQAP/DAESH proxy forces and British [among other nations] trained mercenaries.

Rest in peace all souls who have been destroyed by this alliance from Hell.

Last night I spoke to Richie Allen about the war crimes & grave human rights violations being committed daily by the Saudi coalition with support and supplies from US, UK and other NATO members.

France and Qatar completed the deal for 24 Dassault Rafale fighter jets at the opening day of the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference” ~ March 29th 2016

It was announced the deal is worth $ 7.5bn.

Thanks go to Richie Allen for giving me a platform to raise awareness for Yemen.







5 thoughts on “Yemen: Vanessa Beeley Speaks to Richie Allen about UK US Saudi War Crimes

  1. United Nations reform which makes it mandatory for each member state to sign the Rome Statute and agree to come under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court – or leave the United Nations, essentially becoming a pariah nation in the eyes of the world community – would end impunity for the wealthiest, most powerful war criminals. Such a reform would result in the ending of criminal wars of aggression, as the Saudi monarchy has carried on for the last 12 months. It’s long past time effective deterrence to tragic and criminally violent militarism (wars of aggression) is established, and such a historically transforming, paradigm-shifting United Nations reform achieves precisely that goal.


  2. Once again I can express nothing but my admiration for your selfless determination to get the most important issues into the public arena. Though I don’t do nearly so much as I should, you are an inspiration that makes me do that little bit more. I just wish I could get more people to read your blog and find out what is really going on in Syria and Yemen.

    Thanks, Vanessa, your work is not only inspiring it is presented in an interesting, extremely well-researched way that is both easy to read and to listen to. Added to that it is far more valuable than the work of the majority of corporate media journalists covering Syria and Yemen.

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    • Bryan you are a tonic is all I can say in response…you give me the energy and the motivation to keep battling even when it seems to be against insurmountable odds. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word…awareness and unity are key to winning this colossal struggle against Empire.

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