The Rain in Yemen Fell Everywhere

Yemen Common Sense

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


Beautiful, marvelous, lovely, exhilarating, refreshing – and that is only the beginning!  Yes, on the 13th of April, just about an hour or so after Dawn, which has now rolled back to 4:40 AM. as the celestial bodies rearranged our dimension of time on Earth, a thunderous lightning broke the still and silent acoustics of our surroundings and echoed the mighty Devine Command of “كن – Be” with a crackling roar that ended the crowing of the roosters and chirping of the birds in their various nesting abodes usually heard greeting the New Day.  Within seconds, the puffy and dark cumulus clouds released their frozen agglomerations of the source of all life.  God Al-Mighty brought down to Earth the anxiously awaited  water needed for the survival and continuation of all species of animal and plant life.


As the skies ceaselessly issued these resounding Heavenly thunderous sounds, the sounds…

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