Ignore Syria the Movie: And Please Read Vanessa Beeley on Syria and the ‘White Helmets’…

I was trying to actually take a short break from posting for a while; but the sheer level of BS being spewed as international powers desperately seek a renewed premise for military intervention in Syria is just stomach turning.

The BS propaganda game is accelerating more every day. On TV, on the radio, in newspapers, we see coverage of the crisis in Aleppo; now accompanied by dire commentary warning that Aleppo is going to be destroyed by the end of the year – and oh, we must do something!

At least they’re now admitting it is only the eastern part of Aleppo and not the whole city. But I heard hours of radio in recent days going on and on about how Aleppo is going to be leveled to dust by the regime before the end of the year, while presenters and commentators talked about our “moral responsibility” to “do something” and about how we had to act “urgently” and “before it’s too late”. Despite a British parliamentary committee just weeks ago publishing a damning report on David Cameron’s mad rush to intervene in Libya in 2011, none of these people seem to remember any of that.

So instead, the multi-pronged propaganda push towards war and intervention is being accelerated on all fronts: the constant propaganda about Aleppo and its victims (with little or no mention of the foreign-backed terror groups that have made their home there), renewed moves in the UN against Russia and the Syrian government for alleged ‘War Crimes’, spurious statements from politicians that ‘had we intervened in 2013, none of this would be happening’, etc, and all of this on the heels of a US attack on Syrian government soldiers (for the sake of ISIS fighters) that the media has completely forgotten about.

Absolutely central to all of this is the ‘heroic, noble, humanitarian’ organisation known as the ‘White Helmets’, whose lionisation across all Western media is serving to re-frame the Syria situation in a way that can re-justify the foreign intervention and forced regime-change: because all the previous narratives, going back to 2011, have already failed to achieve the desired result and have been largely exposed as false.

The terrorist-aligned group called the White Helmets has also already been exposed and debunked; but you wouldn’t know it from mainstream media, which continues to portray the organisation as heroic, selfless humanitarians braving the dangers of war-torn Syria for nothing other than a burning desire to help civilians.

No one has done more to expose the true nature of the White Helmets than independent journalist and peace activist Vanessa Beeley.

Vanessa Beeley, in these comprehensive pieces of investigative journalism (see here and here: the kind of journalism the mainstream newspapers and media no longer engages in) from over a year ago, laid out the origins of the White Helmets, its architects and directors, its sources of funding, and the nature of its operations. I shared these links here before, but it is very much worth doing so again.

‘The success of the White Helmet and NGO complex propaganda is dependent upon the skewing of our moral compass by using the media and government institutions that are proven experts at “nudging” public opinion towards any particular policy,’ she wrote. ‘If we really want to support Syria in this battle against such a complex array of interventionist forces, we must locate that compass and allow it to point us squarely towards the truth…’

Beeley has continued to expose the White Helmets, along with the rest of the staged propaganda campaign around Aleppo and Syria. Speaking to RT‘s ‘Cross Talk’ programme in recent days, she continues to provide the real picture of the White Helmets and the nature of their activities.

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Source: Ignore Syria the Movie: And Please Read Vanessa Beeley on Syria & the ‘White Helmets’…

One thought on “Ignore Syria the Movie: And Please Read Vanessa Beeley on Syria and the ‘White Helmets’…

  1. Vanessa, what a brilliant and honest reporter you are, even more brilliant because you have been out there and gathered the real story despite what the western neocon/Zionist controlled media brainwash us with. Well done woman. Well done.


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