Risks of the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine – Dr. Louise Lagendijk (video)

“Doctor Louise Lagendijk is an integrative medicine specialist and specializes in mind-body medicine for young women. In her practice she aims at helping young women live their best and healthiest lives focussing on the body and the mind as a whole.”

2 thoughts on “Risks of the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine – Dr. Louise Lagendijk (video)

  1. Dag dokter Lagendijk. Thanks for being outspoken about your concern. Though I’m considered to be in the risky age, I’m not considering taking the ‘vaccine’, that factually not even is a real vaccine, because it’s not tested long enough an the only thing, at the moment, that takes my health away is the lockdown and not being allowed to go socialize and dance a few nights a week.
    But what I understood of the mRNA jabs is, that they don’t/can’t reach the DNA of the cells and therefor will not alter anything there, and that they only temporarily stimulate the making of the corona ‘spikes’ and then disappear from the body. Only leaving a memory of corona like spikes to be attacked when a corona virus enters.
    You assume the ‘vaccine’ could let your cells make other proteins, by mistake. Is there any base for that assumption that that’s a realistic ‘worst case scenario’? I saw scientists mention this, and then they’re, ‘of course’, ridiculed in the news media as i anyone who goes against mainstream SARS-Cov-2 fear porn, all in favor of the investments of megalomane Bill Gates (as I see it).

    My concern is also about: will the ‘vaccine’ indeed do this work temporarily, just as long as needed, and no keep stimulating my cells to make the fake spikes? And quite some old folks died shortly after the jab, some after a few hours. We’re told that’s normal because old foks die every day and they had ‘underlying conditions’…. For me, what counts is: how much time was there between the jab and meeting the Creator? This should be registered and seriously studied, right away ,and after two years.

    Groeten uit Amsterdam


  2. Thanks for the work you do.
    Unfortunately, I only found this information, after doing the first dose of Pfizer mrna vaccine.
    On the second night after the vaccine I woke up with diarrhea, fainted in the bathroom, and was really bad. I’m still after a month suffering from diarrhea, and didn’t do the second dose, in spite of being called crazy from everyone including the doctor that follows me.
    Since the vaccine that put me sick, I’m searching for credible information. I had to install a VPN to find it, because Google is only giving junk information.
    I still have many questions about all this. But the most important is: with this vaccine will i ever recover my normal function of my cells and body?

    Thanks again.
    With regrets of not finding you sooner.


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