British MI6 agents accused of leading intelligence operations in Yemen

Yemeni Security Intelligence Service (YSIS) has released video interviews with a recently arrested cell of suspected British MI6-linked Yemenis in the capital Sanaa. 

The video also disclosed images of the British intelligence operatives in Yemen who were in charge of the spy cell. 

The recorded confessions of the accused were shown to the court. During the interviews the operatives admitted to recruitment and training of additional members, spying and conducting sabotage operations on Yemeni territory, under the supervision of British intelligence commanders at the Al-Qeiza airbase in Mahrah province which is largely under control of Al Qaeda Arab Peninsula (AQAP)

The arrested spies also allegedly met with CIA officers in Al-Ghaydha airport in Mahrah province before working with the British intelligence officers. 

According to the confessions, British and US intelligence units were paying an estimated $ 3000 for the collection of important information and strategic coordinates in the liberated areas of northern Yemen. 

Members of the intelligence clusters joined the Special Missions Battalion, which was under the command of Fayez Al Muntasir and were trained in military operation. The conclusion from the interviews was that the Battalion was established to attract youth from the Ansarullah-loyalist northern provinces and to incentivise them to join forces with the British and American intelligence services at work inside Yemen. 

The British/US-led operations focused on identifying Yemeni air defences and drone bases in order to destroy them and to diminish the Yemeni ability to defend themselves against Saudi coalition aggression. 

The discovery and exposure of this British-led espionage ring and the arrest of the alleged spies will perhaps not be remarked upon in western media but the MI6 is under pressure globally with the recent spate of Anon leaks of UK FCO documents that have revealed major destablilisation and infiltration campaigns in Syria, Lebanon and Russia. 

I will be providing a translation of the video released by the Yemeni security forces later today and I will be speaking to the Yemeni Ambassador to Damascus next week for more details on this British neo-colonialist project in Yemen. 


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