Assassinated for telling the truth about Ukraine

From Yana Dianova:

“On 16 April 2015, seven years ago, Oles Buzina, Ukrainian journalist and writer, was shot dead in Kiev, after his personal data, including address, were published on the Ukro-Nazis hit list site Myrotvorets

The Ukrainian regime failed to prosecute his killers. “And it became clear: the dividing line between good and evil has finally been crossed in Ukraine. Yes, before that, Donbass was shelled, people died there. But here in the center of Kiev, a writer was killed just because he had the courage to tell the truth as he understood it. And for having the courage to stay at home. Only for this he needs to be respected.

Oles was a bright representative of the right Ukraine. Country of intellectuals and creators. But it was those who stood for the right Ukraine, and did not serve other people’s interests, that the post -Maidan Ukraine did not need. And some were forced to leave, like the publicist Kevorkian, while others plunged into a sea of new realities. The most objectionable (those who they managed to get) were eliminated immediately. That’s exactly what they did to Oles Buzina.

And it is significant that in his last text he quoted Mikhail Bulgakov: “It’s easy and pleasant to tell the truth.” It’s nice, but not easy, because that’s why Buzina was killed.

Bright memory to you Oles. RIP”


From the 2015 NBC report:

KIEV, Ukraine — A prominent Ukrainian journalist known for his pro-Russian views was shot dead on Thursday in Kiev by two masked gunmen, the interior ministry said, a day after a former lawmaker loyal to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych was also killed.

Oles Buzina, 45, was known for his pro-Russian opinion pieces published in Ukraine’s Sevodnya daily newspaper, which is part of the media empire of Ukraine’s richest businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

“Today at 1320 hrs (6:20 a.m. EDT) … two unidentifiable men in masks shot journalist Oles Buzina,” the ministry said in an online statement. The shooting appeared to have taken place outside his home and a team of police investigators was at the scene.

A day earlier a former member of parliament for Yanukovych’s discredited Party of Regions, Oleh Kalashnikov, was killed in a similar attack at his home as he entered the premises.

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