BDS succumbs to further anti Semitism pressure.

BDS succumbs to greater anti Semitism pressure.

So BDS falls deeper into the anti Semitism pit from which all dedicated defenders of the Palestinian cause will be ejected. So this means we cannot criticise CRIF, the French Federation for Jewish Institutions that is a thinly veiled excuse for Zionist power wielding. It will mean that the Jewish European Parliament inaugurated in Feb 2015 [funded by Ukrainian money] to protect “Israel and her interests in Europe” will join the ranks of the untouchables in case we transgress the anti-Semitism charge. Yes lets keep going until we agree that Israel is right and should be in Palestine, for the sake of Peace and being legitimate…according to whose rules??

“It follows, it seems to me, that the BDS movement must now put maximum, coordinated effort into explaining why boycotting and imposing sanctions on Israel is peaceful and legitimate opposition to Israel’s policies and actions and not anti-Semitic. And I think it would be well advised to respond to each and every false charge of anti-Semitism.” ~ Alan Hart [in response to Uri Avnery’s article]

Let me be clear I am not anti BDS as a concept but perhaps as Uri Avnery states in his article it is better [as he did initially] to boycott the settlements. Boycotting the State of Israel offers Netanyahu the propaganda he needs to unite the settlers against the Palestinians and continue his collective punishment policies with the support of the voting public.

“As we feared from the beginning, the boycott of Israel – as distinguished from the boycott of the settlements – has united the general Jewish population with the settlers, under the leadership of Netanyahu.
Netanyahu could not wish for more. He is now riding the wave of Jewish reactions. Every day there are headlines about another success of the boycott movement, and each success is a bonus for Netanyahu.
Netanyahu is happy. He calls upon world Jewry to take up the fight against this anti-Semitic outrage. The owner of Netanyahu, multi-billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, has convened a war council of rich Jews in Las Vegas. His counterpart, pro-Labor multi-billionaire Haim Saban has joined him. Even the perpetrators of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion would not believe it.”

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