Beit Hanoun, Gaza. IOF Automatic Gun Turrets [video]

Very brief footage I filmed during a demonstration in Beit Hanoun, Gaza in 2013 not far from the Erez border with Israel. These are automatic gun turrets at regular intervals along the separation wall. I was told that their range can be altered at whim by the IOF. This means that farmers and residents [many of which will be children playing in the area along the wall] never know the demarcation line, which if crossed will trigger the automatic machine gun fire. As we drew nearer to the turret, there was an eerie moment when the apparatus began to rotate towards us. These demonstrators taunted and shouted their protests at the remote controlled towers and at the IOF soldiers nonchalantly watching us on the ground. Their yells and stones are their only weapons against this inhumane imprisonment.

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