By Steven Nezar Sahiounie

With millions fasting and praying worldwide, 3 killers took the lives of dozens of people and injured hundreds, in 3 separate attacks around the world, on June 26, 2015.

In Kuwait, the killer was a Saudi citizen named Fahd Suliman Abdul-Muhsen al-Qabaa, aged 23. On Thursday June 25th he left Riyadh International Airport on a flight to Bahrain, flying Al Khaleej Air flight #170, arriving at dawn Friday. He then drove from Bahrain to Kuwait. The driver of the car was Abdul-Rahman Sabah Aidan aged 26, who was living in Kuwait illegally.

Prior to his suicide bombing, Fahd phoned a former member of the Kuwaiti Parliament. This ex-MP is Walid Tabtabai, who is a well known follower of Radical Islam, who was later arrested. Fahd then went to Imam al-Sadeq mosque where 2,000 worshippers were praying Friday prayers, and detonated a suicide bomb which killed 27 people, and injured 227.

In France the killer was Yassin Salhi, aged 35 and a French citizen, who drove to his work place, a Gas factory, and detonated a bomb and beheaded his boss, then hung the head on the gate of the factory, and hung Islamic flags and wrote Islamic script on the head , which firefighters and police later discovered. The killer took a boastful selfie of him and the head and sent that to a contact in Syria.

In Tunisia the killer was a Tunisian citizen named Seifeddine Hakim Rezgui, aged 23. He took a machine gun and shot tourists on the beach, and then went to a swimming pool nearby and shot more tourists and threw a hand grenade, killing even more. He killed 38 and injured many more.

Three killers in three countries: all on the same day. What is the tie which binds these crimes? What can connect them into one international killing spree?

The answer is “Wesal”. “Wesal” is a satellite TV channel which is owned by the King of Saudi Arabia. “Wesal” was viewed by a global audience, possibly in every country on earth. “Wesal” was on the NILESAT and ARABSAT satellites, which are both owned by the King of Saudi Arabia, and are the 2 most viewed satellites in the global Arabic speaking world, which encompasses 22 nations, and ex-pat Arabs in USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia , South America, and virtually every country on earth. It was also viewed on EUTELSAT which services the European viewers. “Wesal” TV also broadcasts in the English language in order to brainwash non-Arabs into Radical Islam ideology. Radical Islam is not a religion and is not a sect of any faith; it is simply a political ideology.

Within hours of the Kuwait mosque attack the Kuwaiti government shut down “Wesal” TV. This is not the first time “Wesal” TV has been shut down. In November of 2014, the Minister of Culture and Information Abdul Aziz Khoja of Saudi Arabia ordered the shutdown of “Wesal” TV. Within hours of his announcement, the King of Saudi Arabia removed the Minister from office and ordered “Wesal” TV to begin broadcasting again.

The 9/11 massacre of about 3,000 people in NYC was planned and carried out by Saudi Arabian citizens who were following the same Radical Islamic ideology which “Wesal” TV preaches globally.

In Syria ”Wesal” TV was calling for attacks on unarmed civilians. The TV instructed and brainwashed people around the world to come to Syria in order to rape, maim and kill all Syrians who are not from their specific ideology.

It is a well known fact that the Saudi royal family has always funded Radical Islamic groups, such as the Taliban, Mujahadeen, Al Nusra Front, ISIS and more.

It is not surprising that after feeding the beast, the beast will turn and attack. After almost 5 years of funding, training and sending Radical Islamic terrorists to Syria, the plan has backfired on the Arab Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Pres. Assad of Syria warned the world in the first few months of the Syrian crisis in 2011, that terrorism knows no borders. It is clear that the world must stand united with Syria in the war on terror. It is not a Syrian problem, but a global problem, as evidenced by June 25, 2015.

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