Response to JVP regarding their excommunication of Alison Weir [If Americans Knew. org]

“This is unassailable argumentation and so concise as to be an almost mathematical expression of principle.  It is an instruction manual for eradicating hypocrisy.”  Paul Larudee
“Over the last ten days, Molly Hogan and I have received substantial support for our July 10, 2015 letter to Jewish Voice for Peace regarding their decision to terminate collaboration and contact with Alison Weir and If Americans Knew.

Among these encouraging messages have been observations of some of the ways in which JVP seems to be unable to discern its own failure to confront racism and supremacy.

It is this failure and the double standard that it suggests which I find most egregious in this whole matter.  Below are three examples; [mine being in bold]

* * * * *

“Here is a direct quote from the deed to my home in southern California:
        Clause 12.  That no part of said tract shall, at any time, nor shall any
        interest therein, be leased, sold, devised, conveyed to or inherited by,
        or otherwise acquired by or become the property of any person whose
        blood is not entirely that of the Caucasian race.
This restrictive covenant was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1948.  After 1948, the [name of town deleted] Board of Realtors implemented a telephone system warning residents if a Jew was looking for a house.  They were told to place a green card on the dashboard of their car if they had Jews in the back seat looking for a home.  This was very racist stuff.
Now, I understand that in Israel there is much land reserved for the exclusive use of the Jewish people (people with Jewish blood).  If this is correct, and if JVP has not taken a strong position on it, might JVP be guilty of silence in the face of racism, the very accusation made against Alison Weir?
Also, Alison is accused of associating with white supremacists.  Does Israeli land policy suggest Jewish supremacism and surely JVP  should not associate with either white or Jewish supremacists?”

* * * * *

“There is one other point on this issue that, for me personally, is quite troubling.  Which is that for the most part, in this country, racists, bigots, and white extremists are limited to [free] speech to inculcate their message.  There is not a social or civic mandate that allows them to express their prejudices in any other, and especially in any physical, manner.  Except, perhaps, for some police officers.
In Israel, on the other hand, there is the IDF.  And virtually [almost] every citizen of the country has served in the IDF**. And there is much to document that it is IDF policy to enforce the social and political biases that exist with Israeli society against Palestinians.
[** 2015 statistics reflect that only 50% of Israelis now serve in the military.  adk]
And armed forces being just that – armed, that is – there hardly can be anyone in Israeli society who has not witnessed, or enacted, the taking of life.  And very often, of unarmed, and defenseless, and morally and legally protected, human life.
That being the case, where does the guilt by association argument in fact lead.”
* * * * *

“Perhaps the time has come for JVP itself to engage its members in a discussion of the role of Zionism in sustaining the occupation and frustrating the actions to end it.”

* * * * *
Alice Kisch

Emeryville, California

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