Syrian Opposition Voices Supporting Peaceful Political Change

The primary locus of the success of the civilian democratic Syrian revolution is in the sovereignty of it decision-making. It is important that it possess a sovereign decision-making capacity. We must not sacrifice our independence so that we can determine whom we deal with and how. If this first form of independence holds, then it is possible for the second form of independence to succeed. If we sacrifice the first form, then we will pay the price for [forgoing] both [forms of independence].


Images of Syrians taken before and since the start of the crisis can remind people of what is at stake in Syria. (Images taken by the editor of Socrates and Syria in Syria and from Syrian TV.)


When western politicians, journalists or commentators use the term ‘opposition’ in relation to Syria, in most cases they are referring to a militarised ‘opposition’ or an external opposition which supports one or many of the armed groups operating in Syria.  These groups depend heavily on foreign fighters and funding.


However, there are Syrian opposition figures who eschew violence and this is despite the fact that some have been political prisoners for years, if not decades.

Russia Today reporter Oksana Boyko interviewed a dissident who had spent 14 years in prison.  The interview took place in Damascus in  August 2012.   The report was titled “Syria rebels just hostages in hands of allies”. 

The dissident…

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