Idlib , in the eyes of its residents , a story about the reality in Idlib , told by refugee family escaped , and displaced from Idlib to the coast of Syria

Syriana Afraa


A syrian refugee , a lawyer from Idlib , i met him today , he rented an apartment in my city , he is originally from Aleppo , but was living in Idlib with his wife and kids , his wife also well educated

what is going on in Idlib , who are those gangs , how could you escaped , i asked him?

if you look at him , he is good looking , polite man , but his clothes was cut , as if he was fighting with a monster

I’m a lawyer he said , Idlib is surrounded by trees , olive trees , so it is hard to control this borders , we woke up that day , because of the fire sounds , statements of Allaho Akbar , also voices of some families there were welcoming and cheering those terrorists from Al-Nosra front , yes…

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