Kafarya & Foua: A Tale of Two Villages.

“It has been a week since the last bread drop by the Syrian Air Force and people were starving.

17 year old Hasan was lying on the hot floor feeling disconnected from the world around him. The world reflected in the globe he was given years ago.
He remembers lying under it, dreaming of all the places he would one day visit.
That dream seems far removed from the miserable reality they are now living through. All he can conclude is that in Kafarya and Foua, Humanity has raised the white flag and the only way to survive is by spilling the blood of the enemy camped at the gates.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bread-drop plane. His own hunger motivated him to run out into the fields to try to get some bread for his family. Many times he comes back empty handed, trying to reassure his family with hollow words of hope.

In the fields where the bread falls like a drizzle of hope from the sky, the scenery was dramatically epic: Children of all ages, old women, grey bearded men, wounded young fighters, girls in the bloom of youthfulness, people from all walks of life are streaming into the fields and their ultimate aim was to -triumphantly- earn a piece of bread; their only break from the monotony and hunger of life under siege.”

9 september, 2015 Diary.

A Tale of Two Villages Facebook page

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