Yemen: Ansarullah victory on the ground, Mareb province.

On the morning of September 4th 2015, Ansarullah soldiers fired a lethal barrage of  OTR-21 Tochka ballistic missiles at Arab Coalition forces in the Yemeni town of Ma’rib. These heavy ballistic missiles caused catastrophic damage to those targeted, the majority of deaths being among the UAE forces.  Numbers of dead and wounded have been massively downplayed by the Saudi biased & Western media.  It has been reported from within Yemen that Ansarullah scored an unexpected & devastating hit with this attack.

It is alleged that Mansour Hadi’s Chief of Staff and General Alkathiri, UAE troop commander, were both injured in the attack.  Over 300 were killed and more than 1000 wounded.  The Saudi ground forces, made up of coalition factions & AQAP,  are now being reinforced by a further 800 from Egypt.  Sudan is also alleged to be contributing although the wildly varying numbers suggest that this may still be a rumour.

According to Ansarullah sources, this attack has thrown Saudi forces into disarray.  It has exposed their weaknesses on the ground and has also led them to fear infiltration of their Yemeni ex pat fighters by Ansarullah resistance which would explain the pinpoint accuracy of the Tochka missile attack which clearly decimated their Ma’rib command centre.

Their reliance upon the supposed invincibility of the UAE soldiers has been severely undermined resulting in their call for further coalition assistance.

As reported in Moon of Alabama today, these are the current known numbers of coalition forces in Yemen:

3,000 United Arab Emirates
1,000 Qatar
1,000 Saudi Arabia
6,000 (somewhat unreliable) Yemeni expats hired and trained by Saudi Arabia
600-800 Egypt
small contingents from Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan

A result of the success of this Ansarullah attack were renewed and intense targeting of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa by Saudi’s airforce.  Reports came in of megaton explosives being used and “unusual” bombs and missiles.  A premature baby and maternity hospital was bombed, causing untold damage, deaths, injuries and the evacuation of already weakened and fragile babies in need of incubators and round the clock care. Huge fireballs were filmed and reports came in of concussion aftershocks which may corroborate evidence of Saudi use of the MOABs on Sanaa.

This was not a retaliation against Resistance forces but a vicious retaliatory attack on defenceless civilians.  Comparisons can be made to the Israeli massacre of Gaza civilians in 2014 under the pretext of targeting Hamas positions, claims rendered ridiculous by the sheer volume of civilian deaths and injuries.

7th September, Atan, Sanaa. There is evidence of the MOAB [Mother of all Bombs] being used on Sanaa, Yemen according to on the ground reports. Prof Michel Chossudovsky had also previously examined these claims and produced this report confirming that this was a very real possibility:  Possible Tactical Nuclear Strike (Neutron Bomb) in Yemen? A Note on the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) and Tactical Nuclear Weapons by Michel Chossudovsky

The following was a facebook statement from a Yemeni citizen forced to flee Yemen prior to the blockade which now ensures that the starving, thirsty and terrified populace have nowhere to run or to hide under the rain of death and destruction falling upon them from skies polluted by Saudi jets.

“Gruesome footage coming out of Yemen has shocked the world, yet Saudi Arabia and its allies have only intensified their air raids and now target civilians in their homes right in the middle of Sanaa, a city housing over 3 million Yemenis. When will the world stand in solidarity with the people of Yemen? How can the world sleep with a guilt-free conscience …. knowing that innocent women and children are being massacred in their sleep, buried under the rubble of their own homes. This is Sanaa…. these victims are Yemeni children… much like the children you love and care for at home. Please help break the world silence on the genocide of innocent Yemeni civilians whose only crime was to ask for a better life.”

Taken from Moon of Alabama’s article: “The devastating blockade of Yemen continues. Yesterday an Indian fisherboat smuggling some small load of fuel near Hudaydah harbor was bombed by Saudi aligned forces. Twenty Indian fisherman died. Eleven food trucks with inspected load on their way from “liberated” Aden toward Mocha were bombed and destroyed. Over the last months Yemen received only 10% of the fuel it needs to keep emergency generators, ambulances and water pumps going. Child male nutrition in several areas is now above 30%. Half of the Yemeni population of 26 million are in danger of famine. Yemen’s religious and cultural heritage gets literately ruined.”

The target is of course the capital, Sanaa but more importantly the Al Jawf province. Taken from my interview with Hanan al Harazi in July 2015:

Map showing Yemen's provinces

Map showing Yemen’s provinces

“I have been told there are oil and more importantly, gas reserves in al-Jawf which is bordering Saudi Arabia and has been protected by them for years.   In 2011 when the people took to the streets demanding a better life, President Saleh was forced to admit its existence publicly for the first time.  So we are cursed, we are cursed because we have oil and gas. Every country that has natural resources is cursed and a target of Imperialist intervention.”

An Ansarullah statment declared the Tochka attacks to be “revenge for the crimes and the war of extermination being carried out by the Saudi aggressor and its mercenaries”. The response from the Saudi coalition has been to further bolster Saudi armoury and ground forces.  The US, while maintaining their usual rhetoric on “reducing collateral damage” and protecting civilian life, continue to entertain, arm and openly support their banker and ally in the region, engendering the cleansing of an entire nation.

The Yemeni resistance is not going to bend and it is not going to yield.  The Yemeni resistance has come too far and achieved too much to relinquish their hold on Yemen’s ultimate freedom from Saudi oppression.  Saudi Arabia will need far more than it has in its physical or spiritual arsenal to defeat the courage and steadfastness of the people of Yemen.

I cant hear your voice but I can see you in my mind. Your name has been erased but I can still call you and pray for you. My only hope is that you are now in Heaven.

Sanaa: “I cant hear your voice but I can see you in my mind. Your name has been erased but I can still call you and pray for you. My only hope is that you are now in Heaven.”

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