Yemen: The Wholesale Murder of a Nation

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Yemen: Wholesale murder of a nation.

Amir Askari Yahyavi ~ ” The Yemeni people have through the machinations of a coalition of barbarians in suits been exposed to perdition. I condemn the tabloids to hell for their complicity in imposing this mean, cruel existence of the Yemeni people, through the lies, false castigations and the whitewashing of the culprits for this wholesale murder of a nation.

And what of us? We who are reduced to looking on this calamity in despair, a complete lack of hope and frustration over the inability to do anything. We are exposed to a sordid chapter of atrocity fatigue, where we are slowly, but safely becoming immune to this sort of barbarity and thus rendered into passive complicity in American war crimes.

Who imposed this blockade upon Yemen? Have we lost our tongues that we can no longer call a spade a spade? Who authorized the Americans to impose this regime of starvation until death at the behest of Saudi pieces of shit? The Saudis are evil and the fact that we are afraid to point out the obvious alarms me. And who green-lit the smear that Iran supposedly backed Houthi rebels when all intelligence agencies of repute have refuted this myth altogether?

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We have the finest platform of all time to unite and stand up to tyrants who soil their hands in the blood of innocent people. Yet what are we doing? Hundreds of thousands mourn the loss of a lion. Granted, poachers are scum, but a lion receives 100,000 signatures in a petition, while a Palestinian infant burned to death by a fanatical Israeli settler can’t scrounge even a fraction of the attention?

I understand that I am preaching to the choir, but this cannot be stressed enough. We are living in times of degeneracy and moral bankruptcy. Barbarity is becoming the normative and we are funding it with our tax money. The military industrial complex is laughing its way to the bank. Ordinary people are becoming poorer and poorer, class divides are merely widening and soon enough we may find ourselves in an existential quagmire, not unlike that suffered by the Yemeni people.


God help them. Nobody else is. And nobody is allowed to either.”

On Iranian Involvement

There are no “Irani hands”. In fact that addition discredited your “all hands” comment, because it contains its own lexicon of bullshit that seems to be in vogue with some Arab commentators. The entire claim that Iran has anything to do with the Houthis in Yemen is made up.

American intelligence assessments put a stop to this filthy myth that the Najdis have propagated out of thin air. It’s bullshit and everybody knows it. Except for some idiotic Iranophobes in the Arab world who are only repeating sectarian mantras and fomenting anti-Shia sentiments.

Stop chasing after Persian ghosts. The Houthis hold the capital of Yemen and you’re shitting bricks over a made-up conspiracy. You’re not even thinking how the Houthis who were largely confined to Sa’adah now have grown so strong as to be able to take over the capital and align itself with the military forces while Hadi ran away and fled to his Najdi puppeteers in Riyadh.

You want to sit and cry about Yemen’s plight while still cling on to this idea that the Houthis, who now run business in Yemen, with considerable political support (And who have shown themselves to be willing to sit down and negotiate with other political parties while the Saudis have shamelessly broken the truce) are somehow Iranian proxies. No wonder why you Arabs seem to despise each other and more inclined to cheat each other. Gaddafi was right. Blame someone else for your problems while ignoring the elephant in the room. Arab unity is a joke and your tears for Yemen are that of a crocodile.

Furthermore, Iran has done more to fight Daesh than you simply burning a picture of their flag. Damascus and Baghdad remain in place thanks to Iran and in Syria’s case, Hezbollah. No thanks to their other so-called “Arab” allies.

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