Message from Damascus

A message from Sam Al-Akhras in  Damascus

“Good morning my friends all over the world, this post is specially for you, lately we all were watching the way of Western Media dealing with the refugees issue, some start making welcome refugee, and some start making thanks humanity, and the other insulting their country for the war we forced to join, and the Russian soldier in Syria, so let me just make some points clear for you guys.

1- the refugees issue isn’t something new and isn’t created by Syrians themselves, it’s something start almost 5 years ago and it’s happening because there is terrorists attacking the people in their houses and slaughter them, literally slaughtered by knives and cutting throats. not because the SAA attacking them

2- about the humanity of Europe let me tell you guys i am not thankful and i am not happy to see what we witness now was created by the political responds to the order of the Neo-Nazi- and Zionism in the US, in the same time i couldn’t see any humanity in beating and kicking refugees by the European police. nor in the coastguard who shooting the boats of Refugees.

3- about the Russian soldiers in Syria they are exist ages ago, since they open their logistic base in Syria and those are the soldiers who protect and do the logistic support to their army. but there is no Russian soldiers fighting with the Syrian Arab Army.

4- we are truly living in hell lately no electricity and no water, the stuff we need to survive in the markets are so low, the prices getting so high, but even tho we are still remaining in our land and we will never leave Syria for anyone, it’s our homeland, and it deserve everything we have.

In the end let me tell you that we are all believe that victory is our award for all this resistant.

Long live Syria!
Long live President Bashar Al-Assad!
Long live Syrian Arab Army!
Long live Syrian people who resist till the last drop of their blood!”

Brought to us by Jay Tharappel

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