An Alternate Reality: Faisal, Iraq and Syria, the Hashemites and the Kingdom of Jordan…

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I recently posted at great length about the origins of Wahhabism (and Zionism) and its influence on today’s bleak and bloody Middle Eastern crisis; and about theHashemite Arabs that were sidelined from Arabia after the First World War in favour of the Wahhabist Saudis.
As a brief add-on to that post, it is worth turning our attention to the alternate reality that might have come to pass had the relatively moderate Hashemites and not the Wahhabi-spreading Saudis won the prize of Arabia after the war. It is an interesting ‘what if’ of history to wonder how Middle Eastern affairs might have unfolded differently these passed hundred years had the Wahhabits’ jilted elder brothers the Hashemites, beginning with Faisal bin Hussein, been the central Arab royal family and not the Wahhabi-inspired Saudis that we have today.

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