Paris 13/11: Operation Gladio?

“Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”  ~ Mossad Motto 

18th November 2015

On the 13th November 2015 during the Paris attacks, 4.1 million people submitted their personal details to the Facebook Safety App, 360 million people received Facebook messages reassuring them of their friends and family’s safety. This information may well have been deposited into an Israeli intelligence bank.

Paris 13/11 aftershocks.

As the dust settles and the pall of grief envelops the scenes of the 13/11 Paris attacks, information begins to seep through the inevitable cracks in the mainstream media, security apparatus narrative.

Very few “subversive” media outlets in France do as good a job of deconstruction as Panamza.  Their reporting on the Charlie Hebdo affair blazed a trail of evidence to counter the sprawling inaccuracies of the “official” storyline.  Their articles over the last two days have motivated my investigation into the insidious drivers possibly behind the 13/11 attacks on the French capital.

Unsurprisingly the common denominator connecting both Charlie Hebdo and Paris 13/11 appears to be the covert involvement of the Israeli security apparatus.

Lets return to the scene of mayhem and bloodshed in Paris on Friday night.  The panic that spread like wildfire across social media, tearful messages and desperate attempts to connect with loved ones, suspected to be in the firing zone.

Then suddenly, Facebook “sympathetically” employed its Safety Check APP, to enable terrified families to reconnect with their missing relatives and to reassure themselves of their safety as the bullets ricocheted off the walls & streets of Paris.

The Safety Check APP was originally named the Disaster Message Board and was introduced on October 15, 2014.  Its first major deployment was on Saturday April 25 2015 in the wake of the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake.  The tool has since been utilised after the May 2015 Nepal earthquake and the Pacific Hurricane Patricia October 2015.

The 13/11 Paris attack was the first time that this Safety Check APP was deployed for an “unnatural” disaster.  Over 4.1 million people checked in with friends and relatives, a total of 360 million people received messages that their loved ones were “safe”.

Alex Schultz: Facebook’s vice president of Growth:

“We chose to activate Safety Check in Paris because we observed a lot of activity on Facebook as the events were unfolding. In the middle of a complex, uncertain situation affecting many people, Facebook became a place where people were sharing information and looking to understand the condition of their loved ones… This activation will change our policy around Safety Check and when we activate it for other serious and tragic incidents in the future. We want this tool to be available whenever and wherever it can help.”

Wonderful, I hear you exclaim! Wonderful for whom?

Times of Israel:

“During the 24 hours after the terror attack, 4.1 million people checked in with friends and relatives using Facebook Safety Check, a technology developed by Facebook Israel’s research and development department,” said a spokesperson for Facebook Israel. “A total of 360 million people received messages that their loved ones were safe.”

The Facebook Safety Check was designed by Roi Tiger, currently Director of Engineering at Facebook, previously Co-Founder, with Guy Rosen, of Onavo which was bought by Facebook in October 2013.

Perhaps coincidence but this acquistion slots neatly into the timeline with the long since debunked Ghouta Chemical weapons claims against the Syrian Government and the seed funding of White House, UK Foreign Office, CIA, Soros backed and funded Syria Civil Defence Group aka the White Helmets.

Roi Tiger

Roi Tiger Facebook Profile Picture.

Roi Tiger is a graduate of IDC Herzliya, Tel Aviv, a “non profit” education organisation dedicated to the promotion of Zionist ideology and the fortification of the illegal state of Israel.

IDC HERZLIYA is committed to the fundamental values of a free and tolerant society, while maintaining a Zionist philosophy – first and foremost, freedom of the individual for self-realization in all realms of thought and action, while striving to strengthen the State of Israel.

Roi Tiger then went on to join the IOF Elite 8200 division, an Israeli Intelligence Corps responsible for collecting signal intelligence (SIGINT) and code decryption, described in 2010 by Le Monde diplomatique, as a massive spying operation. Also in 2010, implicated by US Intelligence in Operation Orchard, the 2007 Israeli air strikes on an alleged nuclear reactor in the Deir Ezzor region of Syria.

Full background to this 2007 Israeli illegal incursion into Syrian airspace here

So, when people innocently clicked “safe” or put a name of their loved ones into the search box of the Facebook Safety app, it is quite probable that they fed a stream of information directly into the Israeli Intelligence data banks.

Web front page of

Onavo, a relatively small start-up comprising 40 employees, was based in Tel Aviv and was bought by Mark Zuckerburg as part of his all consuming project which has as its objective, to create universal access to the Internet.

The significance of this purchase is manifold.

It is Facebook’s first foray onto Israeli territory.  In 2012 they purchased,  an Israeli company focused on powerful facial recognition but this had not precipitated an actual base in Israel.  With the acquisition of Onavo, Facebook Israel was born.

According to TechCrunch, there’s no official figure attached to the deal, but Israeli paper Calcalist reports between $150-200 million and other sources put the figure closer to $100 million. Whether the real sum is closer to the low end or the high end of that range, it’s a massive amount of money for Onavo, which started three years ago and has previously raised around $13 million in venture funding.  ~

This purchase of Onavo and the development of the Safety APP will give Facebook increased capability of compiling one of the most extensive personal data bases in existence in the world today.

On November 11th, 2 days before the Paris attacks, Facebook published a blog report.

“This report, which covers the first half of 2015, provides information about the number of government requests we receive for data, as well as the number of pieces of content restricted for violating local law in countries around the world where we provide service. The report also includes updated information about the national security requests we received from US authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and through National Security Letters.

Overall, we continue to see an increase in content restrictions and government requests for data globally. The amount of content restricted for violating local law increased by 112% over the second half of 2014, to 20,568 pieces of content, up from 9,707. Government requests for account data increased across all countries by 18% over the same period, from 35,051 requests to 41,214″


The full report is here.  This is a deliberate policy of obscurantism by Facebook.  When one reads their data policy it is obvious that there are no restraints on information sharing.  Their figures cannot truthfully reflect the number of Government requests in France that would have spiked,  following Charlie Hebdo and even if they do, out of a claimed 2500+ Government requests for information, only a meagre 295 were “restricted” with very little explanation of what “restricted” actually means.

France FB

“We restricted access in France to content reported under local laws prohibiting Holocaust denial and the condoning of terrorism.”

This statement is rendered portentous by the wave of arrests and house searches sweeping France before the blood is even dry on the streets of Paris and certainly prior to the conducting of a full and objective investigation into the perpetrators of the “greatest atrocity committed on French soil since WWII.” This, according to media pundits reporting from Paris as the propaganda wagon rolls smoothly into its habitual groove.

It must be noted that this deliberately emotive media claim is an insult to the 200+ Algerians massacred by Paris police, during protests against France’s brutal neocolonialist war in Algeria, on the streets of Paris in 1961. Colonialist selective memory fails to honour the ghosts of these  oppressed and marginalised souls, forbidden  from protesting the genocide of their people and punished for daring to stand in solidarity with Algerian resistance against French hegemony.  Paris police dumped the murdered bodies into the cold waters of the Seine, over 11,500 Algerians were arrested, beaten, starved and later tortured in the Palais des Sports.

The 13/11 Paris attacks with all the accompanying media frenzy will surely lead us further down the path to the implementation of Patriot Act equivalents in Europe.

As Patrick Henningsen states in his recent 21st Century Wire article: Orwell’s Razor:  All of 21Wire’s predictions come true days after “Paris Attacks”

“Debate on Govt Spying and Privacy Rights, now off the table
As expected, politicians looking to appear ‘tough on terror’ and the growing gaggle of security lobbyists, and other assorted corporate fascists, have called for something akin to a ‘European Patriot Act’ – an end to the ‘Post-Snowden’ debate over bulk data collection and privacy – covering issues like NSA and GCHQ blanket spying on all citizens, and imposing more regulations and government monitoring of mandatory manufacturer ‘back doors’ for computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and also calls to make encryption illegal, except for government.”

riot police

“Special” police forces in St Denis, Paris 18/11/2015

CIA & Intelligence Connections

We must also take into consideration the worrying Cyber security developments in the UK:

Lord Mendelsohn: We welcome the appointment of the former British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, who will have a key role in cyber security inside the Cabinet Office – a very useful and important position ~ Look Who’s in Charge of UK Government Cyber Security.

Matthew Gould, self proclaimed “passionate Zionist”, first Jewish British Ambassador in Tel Aviv and co creator of the controversial UK Israel Tech-Hub which was established to:

“Promote partnerships in technology and innovation between Israel and the UK, and is the first initiative of its kind for the British government and for an embassy in Israel. The hub’s creation followed an agreement between prime ministers David Cameron and Binyamin Netanyahu to build a UK-Israel partnership in technology.”

For full details on this burgeoning UK-Israel cyber marriage, read this excellent piece by Stuart Littlewood.

Now lets add a little more spice into the evolving narrative.


Two weeks prior to the 13/11 attacks on the 27th of October 2015, Washington Post columnist, David Ignatius was moderator for the CIA-GW [George Washington University] Conference.

Included on the panel of the “Shared 21st Century International Mission” were:

CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror


Perhaps even more concerning is the subliminal message that can be interpreted from DGSE Director, Bernard Bajolet’s remarks, endorsed by CIA Director John Brennan.

“The Middle East will never go back to how it was.  Syria and Iraq will never retrieve their pre-existing features and culture

Syria is already “partitioned”. The Syrian regime only controls a tiny part, perhaps less than one third of the country established post WWII.

The North is under Kurdish control and “we” have the central region under ISIS control [I have deliberately translated the French exactly as it was written] 

The situation in Iraq is the same.”

John Brennan:

“When I look at the devastation in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen it is hard to envisage a central government that would be capable of controlling and governing these post WWII territories.

It appears that the partitioning plan for the Middle East is resisting all efforts to reduce its holy grail status.  The partitioning plan that best serves the Israeli Yinon plan for Greater Israel and ensures permanent sectarian strife and division in countries bursting at the seams with economic, resource and geopolitical jewels for the Imperialist crown.

The timing of this conference, a mere two weeks prior to the 13/11 Paris attacks that would almost certainly propel France and allies towards increased intervention in Syria & ensure revived calls for a No Fly Zone, must be considered a little more than purely coincidental.


While we must stress that no concrete conclusions may be drawn at this stage, previous  Gladio operations, and we would include Charlie Hebdo in that list, lead us to see very clear parallels emerging between the events surrounding Paris 13/11 and those preceding other such attacks.

The omnipresence of the Israeli Intelligence apparatus in its many forms should, at least, motivate us to suspect foul play and to question the white noise mainstream media accounts.  The tsunami of propaganda, the conversion of all icons to a French flag, even including Skype heart emoticons, must ring alarm bells.

Experience teaches us that, propaganda is intrinsically linked to government agendas and that terror attacks invariably engender an increase in global oppression, conflict, sectarian division and the suffering of the very peoples universally judged and condemned by scraps of evidence that bear no resemblance to the truth.

As Sayed Nasrallah has said we are living in the age predicted by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, the propaganda serves to ensure our rapid descent through the layers of social conditioning, from regionalism to individualism, a state of mind where there is potential for the fabric of society to be shredded and scattered into the winds of the brewing “perfect storm”

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” ~ Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


Police and pigeon

St Denis, Paris 18/11/2015.

Police forces operate in Saint-Denis on Wednesday, November 18. Police say two suspects in last week’s Paris attacks, a man and a woman, have been killed in a police operation north of the capital.



Vanessa Beeley

17 thoughts on “Paris 13/11: Operation Gladio?

  1. Vanessa,

    Thank you for the amazingly timely effort and penetrating analysis.

    The social tenor of the times through which we are living is profoundly depressing and exasperating. The world is being played, as it ever has been, while fast asleep to the orchestrations of organized and entrenched power – and so many lives being and yet to be destroyed and squandered mostly on account of the inculcated and appalling widespread ignorance about our collective reality, and especially among the educated bureaucratic ranks who, if they were awake to our totalitarian circumstance, could actually do something to change the course of history.

    One either succumbs to despair or, if one has the talent and wherewithal as you clearly do, strives to awaken people from their media induced trance. I am not optimistic but understand that efforts such as yours are our only recourse. A heartfelt ‘thanks,’ then, for all that you are doing . . .


    Liked by 1 person

    • It is comments like yours that give me the hope to keep fighting in my own way. Thank you, it means a huge amount to me to receive the gift of your words, thoughts and solidarity. Succumbing to despair is not an option when those at the frontline are battling the very real threats presented by the very machinations we theorize over. They are our vanguard of resistance against this tide of hegemony, hatred and division, we must stand firm in our truth and the universal truth or as close to it we can possibly get…we are the change we have been waiting for, words that keep me going when the obstacles are overwhelming. Thank you once more..xx


  2. Brilliant work. Lots of information I didn’t know until just now. This thing does have Gladio written all over it.
    In regard to Facebook, I’m actually encouraged by how many people seem to have reacted badly to FB trying to make everyone change their icon to feature the French colors. But that element, along with several others, really does suggest a pre-planned marketing operation of sorts, aimed at maximum psychological impact.
    Anyway, thanks for another brilliant post. That quote, “The Middle East will never go back to how it was…”, is kind of heartbreaking; for “what it was”, read ‘stable, cultured, safe, independent and strong’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes when one considers the deeper meaning of such a statement, it is heartbreaking. Think this is all going to get so much worse. Burundi is now on the genocide map..the NGO vultures are circling. Crazy numbers massacred by Boko Haram aka US NATO

      Liked by 1 person

  3. As much as I appreciated your amazing investigation of White Helmets, this post has left me cold. I live in Paris, and I think your speculation, in this case, is unnecessary. I dont think I can ask for sympathy, because the nature of terrorist acts is such, that you cant really understand the horror we feel.

    I think you are implying too much in your post, in a domain, which is, to put it mildly, not your strong point, and I think you are undermining your own new found credibility, based on the White Helmet research.

    Israel, whatever your take on it, is very strong in the military/security domain, not least because of its strong diaspora links to the West, and because for the West, and America in particular, it serves as a very willing laboratory for security research. There is no prejudice in thsi statement. What happens with the result of this “research” is not prejudicial either. Any enterpreneur, any administrator, will, when faced with significant secuirty challanges, turn to best practices. Israel, whether you like it or not, is in many cases solicited. Even the Arabs, even the Iranians, will quickly copy and imitate Israeli methods, and are avid to buy Israeli goods, provided they can be rerouted through third countries. It so happens that in cyberwarfare domains, israel is useful, and yes, this links to Israeli intelligence, but then dare I remind people that facebook itself was born of reserach financed by the US government, which seldon occurs without some national security considerations.

    There are basics about security issues which I think you are wrong to ignore, and reduce your work to conspiracy speculation. These are also basics that you ignore, because you are not trained in security affairs, or that you simply do not care about whatsoever, because I suppose for you, other than Palestinians, tehre does not exist any other vulnerable civlian population. Unfortunatelly, many populations are, and can be vulnerable, and that of Paris not the least. It si not because France is perceived as a rich country, that its security methods reflect this wealth. I would venture France is a decrepid country, and the stuff you see on television, is lipstick on a pig. The coutnry doesn’t have the means to assure its own security, and worst, it doesn’t have the will-power.

    You should not reduce situations as painful as that in Paris to your mere prejudices and speculation. It is essential, when looking for the truth, to look beyond your own prejudices. If you despise Israel, or hate Israel, that’s good for you, but you are a poor anlayst if you let that hatred blind you to acknowledging that Israel is not all pure evil, and specifically, certain developmetns must be appreciated.

    Stating that Israeli intelligence has now obtained information for 360 million people, is conspiratorial. Back this up somehow. I mean why do you say things like this? Do you know specifically of any information that was private or so precious so as Israel somehow benefits from its capture in this act? Your suggesting its valubale intelligence. You’re suggsteing Israel got access to it. you’re suggesting it will be on israeli servers? What are you saying? Why are you even saying this? Even if it understandable that you want to subject Israel to greater scrutiny, you veer into sheer paranoia if you think that just by associating something somehwer with Israel it automaticlaly must imply that your suspicion should be taken seriously. Perhaps you should start by looking at it the other way, what has this App done, and what service has it provided of value to the victism adn the relatives of, what just transpired in Paris?

    As for quoting Panamza. You should know, that this is a virulently anti-semitic source, and that you hurt your own credibility citing them. First of all, whatever drills may have taken place in Paris, I assure they were invisible, and part of a routine. They were of no magnitude for anyone to take them seriously, let alone build arguments around. Second, Panamza has so far not stated anythign more than that Bataclan used to be Jewish owned. Well, so was one of the restaurants, and its husband was married to a Muslim woman, who is now dead. What are you going to make of that. I wonder. Panamza has also stated that prior to the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the Hyper Kosher store had been sold. So what!? Sold to who? From one Jew to the next. What are these stupid empty suggestions adding up to? To extgreme suspcion of Jews. I mean if panamza had someting to stand on, ok. Even its material on the Charlie Hebdo investigation is grossly retarded, becuase they insit on one investigator who commits suicide, ignoring that this is merely one investigation of a whole bunch (30 or so) linked to Charlie Hebdo, being run by various investigators in the country.

    Dont waste your time with panamza, and dont let your outstanding reserach slip into guilt by suggestion and suspicion. There are many issues in which Israel can be wrong, but you are even more wrong if you cannto see issues where bringing in Israel is either extrenous, or where you can’t imagine Isreal doing right. In this post, you express a kind of fanaticism, which is itself most often found in right wing Israeli networks which at every turn of history want to associate Iran to ultimate evil. I dont like either their methods, nor yours, of sudden guilt by suspicion.

    I think we are all better served by more solid research, but there are also limits. If you could for example establish links between the Israeli government or the lobby and ISIS itself, that would be capital, but having read your work, that is not your strong point. I’ve read many materials about Saudi and Turkish direct support for ISIS, and I have not read of it on your site. Detials of supply routes and all. Read Justin Raimondo’s latest editorial, and perhaps find out how and at what stage intelligence operatives could have facilitaetad the passgae of these terrorists into Paris.

    While you are at it, I suggest that a far more interesting and attention grabbing expose would be of how the Turks deliberately unleashed tidal waves of largely non-Syrian migrants into the EU. Since this was orchestrated, and conceived of in a strategic fashion. You could also perhaps tell your readers about how Turkeys elites are making money off of ISIS oil, and how, in this case, some facilitation is comign from Westerners.

    This post, I’m sorry to say, isn’t worth even keeping up, unless you can find something to subtantiate it more. Keeping it up, you hurt your own credibility.


    • Hi Steven,

      I have the impression that you missed the gist of Vanessa’s article as pertains to Face Book.

      The issue isn’t that ‘Jews’ are involved in the engineering and rolling out of various aspects of the platform and that it is ‘therefore’ suspect, but that the platform is very much a means of social engineering and therefore can be — and to my mind already is — instrumentalized or weaponized to geopolitical ends.

      So it very much matters which ‘state’ interests are likely being served by this social media.

      States are one thing; ordinary people another. States have geopolitical (oligarchical) interests that run roughshod over the interests of ordinary people; ordinary people just want to live unmolested and in dignity, whether they be Jewish, Muslim, or whatever.

      An article that helped me better understand the implications of Vanessa’s article – one that is also both apposite and timely in this regard – is: “ Elections, Social Media Engineering And The Art of “Hacking Humans” by Graham Vanbergen.

      The URL is

      If the subtleties of ‘social media’ platforms can be tweaked to sway election outcomes, they can certainly be adjusted to amplify war hysteria and harness it in the service of this or that alliance of ‘states.’

      Vanessa will correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is what she has in mind.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Would also like to share this post from a brilliant analyst Navid Nasr ~ Navid Nasr:
        “Something I wrote in March of 2012:
        Re: “Conspiracy Theories”. Why is it that those who have traditionally been, and continue to be, the most victimized, persecuted, and oppressed by the prevailing order (whether due to race, class, ethnicity or nationality) have a tendency to believe in overarching theories of power wherein an inherently amoral, inhuman, powermad and incredibly wealthy ruling class/ruling elite secretly plot and plan against them in order to rob them of their wealth/resources, freedom and lives? Conversely, why is it that those who have traditionally been the beneficiaries of the prevailing order (whether due to race, class, ethnicity or nationality) have an almost naive and child-like belief in the inherent honesty, openness, transparency and good intentions (albeit with much faulty execution) of institutions of power and of the ruling class/ruling elite, look with disdain and bemusement upon individuals or cultures who have a propensity for “conspiracy theories,” and tend to believe that the system as it exists should perhaps be tweaked and fine tuned to make it a little more just and equitable, but that basically it’s the best thing to have come along since the dawn of time and is really the best we could ever hope for *and* should be exported and imposed on all four corners of the world at point of sword, or point of “humanitarian” “N”GO, if necessary?
        Oh wait, I guess I just answered my own questions.
        I hate house/techno, silk shirts, conspicuous consumption and tacky displays of wealth, but I’m proud to come from a culture known for its penchant for “conspiracy theories.””

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you N yes that is very much what I was alluding to and anyone who lives in France and has affiliations with or connections to the dissident circles, intellectual, academic, scientific n’importe will know full well how insidiously corrupting an influence Zionism and Israel are in France. I can cite dozens of cases of the insane level of control Israel has over French society…and of course, under the increasingly Patriot Act type controls being imposed upon our society, I would run a very high risk of being deemed *sigh* anti semitic and penalised accordingly as have many people I know..we are in fact going to be writing a series of articles on the Intellectual Terrorism prevalent in France. Something our friend does not seem to be aware of. He has discredited Panamza who actually did a brilliant job of deconstructing the Charlie Hebdo affair. Terms such as conspiracy theorists have been created to discredit any such analysis and this is once more dangerous and misleading “nudging ” of public opinion away from logical, rational analysis towards the asinine, flat lined mainstream media coverage designed to deflect our questions. Thank you for the link to the article, its not one I have read and look forward to it immensely. 🙂


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    • Hi Vanessa,

      I don’t know if you have read this article by James Petras, but on the off-chance that you haven’t, I think it greatly illuminates the constellation of elite factions within the American establishment that are currently driving U.S. foreign policy around the world, but especially in Middle East:

      “Wars: US Militarist Factions in Command — James Petras | The James Petras Website”




      • Thank you!! lol it is open in my tabs, I keep trying to read it and then get distracted by so much information coming in every second…will make a concerted effort now. Thanks for the reminder. V xx


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