Did US Gov’t Murder 3 Agents to Coverup Russian Flight 7K9268 Complicity?

More details related to the circumstances surrounding the ill-fated Russian flight 7K9268 are slowly trickling in.

Families of two dead US intelligence agents are resorting to GoFundme platform [here, and here] to raise enough funds to allow themselves to transition to their new situation as the US government decided to disavow their husbands who could be deeply involved in the October 31st plane crash above Sinai Peninsula.

Three Americans are now dead under mysterious circumstances, two killed in Jordan and the other while in detention in Yemen. All operatives below were said to be under SVR-Spetsnaz surveillance, captured in Yemen, interrogated in Moscow, and released back to Yemen:

John Hamen – a former Communications Observer at the US Special Operations Command Air Force Base in Florida and to which the State Department deny any further knowledge. “Yesterday around 5:30 pm a few people from different agencies came to our home to notify us that John had died while in detainment and then was taken to a hospital,” Jen Hamen wrote.
Lloyd Fields, Jr. – since 2006 as military advisor in Iraq connected with DynCorp, “USA-based private military contractor.[7] Begun as an aviation company, the company also provides flight operations support, training and mentoring, international development, intelligence training and support, contingency operations, security, and operations and maintenance of land vehicles.[8] DynCorp receives more than 96% of its more than $3 billion in annual revenues from the U.S. federal government.[1][9]”
Damon Creach – another employee of DynCorp and one of two Americans killed in an attack Monday at a police training center in Jordan.
To be killed inside own’s place of work, in this case a soldiers’ training center that should be secured at all times, only mean one thing.

“Damon Creach, 42, a former Virginia Beach police officer working as a law enforcement instructor in Jordan, was killed when a Jordanian police captain opened fire in a dining hall.

The motive is still not clear, but five people including the gunman were killed. Six more were wounded.”


U.S. State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said: “We’re aware of those reports. Due to privacy considerations, I’m not going to comment on them.”


The link of these people to the CIA can easily be established as we can see from the above backgrounds. The Russian interrogation is plausible given the alliance between Russia and Iran, a country that is wielding a great influence in Yemen’s Houthis.

For families of two of the disavowed agents to resort to crowdfunding is proof enough that all agencies that have to do with these covert agents are abandoning them and their families for reasons that cannot be disclosed even to them.

Covert Geopolitics

More details related to the circumstances surrounding the ill-fated Russian flight 7K9268 are slowly trickling in.

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