Why ‘Social Media’ and its engineering matters: Elections, Social Media Engineering And The Art Of “Hacking Humans” — Graham Vanbergen | True Publica | Global Research

Taking Sides

Norm’s note:  I am posting this article in response to a comment that someone made on Vanessa Beeley’s blog, pertaining to her article Paris 13/11: Operation Gladio? For context, this was my reply to the commentor:

Norman PilonNovember 19, 2015 at 6:26 pm

Hi Steven,

I have the impression that you missed the gist of Vanessa’s article as pertains to Face Book (sic).

The issue isn’t that ‘Jews’ are involved in the engineering and rolling out of various aspects of the platform and that it is ‘therefore’ suspect, but that the platform is very much a means of social engineering and therefore can be — and to my mind already is — instrumentalized or weaponized to geopolitical ends.

So it very much matters which ‘state’ interests are likely being served by this social media.

States are one thing; ordinary people another. States have geopolitical (oligarchical) interests that run roughshod…

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