Qatar mouthpiece Charles Lister insists Islamist militants be part of the solution in Syria

Yalla La Barra

Brookings Doha’s Charles Lister has just had his new book “The Syrian Jihad” published and has been doing radio and TV appearances to promote it. In an interview with the UK’s Channel 4 he was asked if there are moderate groups in Syria that can represent the opposition on the negotiations table. He very hesitantly and unconvincingly said yes but then he added that Islamist militants must be part of the solution too (see video).

Anyone who follows Mr. Lister on twitter () knows that he is a big supporter of Ahrar al-Sham, an Al-Qaeda style group that is very closely tied with Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda in Syria). The two, along with other Islamist groups that operate under the banner of the FSA, form the alliance known as Jaish el-Fateh.

Former Ambassador to Syria, Middle East Institute’s Robert Ford, Carnegie Endowment’s Aron Lund and Charles Lister all have personal relationships with…

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