Hammad Zakzaky’s message to Pakistani nation a day before his murder by Nigerian Government

15th December 2015


“My name is Hammad Ibrahim and I am addressing you regarding ‘International Al-Quds Day’ and especially regarding the Al-Quds day that is being observed in Nigeria.

A huge gathering attended by millions of people is yearly organized in Nigeria on International Al-Quds Day that is observed on the last Friday of Ramadan.

I would like to tell you that Al-Quds day is yearly observed in 25 cities of Nigeria and a large number of people participate in it. Al-Quds’ gatherings in Nigeria have always been sensitive because Nigerian government is pro-Israel and have always secured Israel’s interests rather than its own peoples’ interests.
Islamic Campaign always arrange Al-Quds’ gatherings in support of Palestinians and such programs always have terror threats and have been targeted several times.

Al-Quds’ gathering was first targeted in 2003 in Kano in which 8 people were martyred. Then in 2009 again Al-Quds congregation was attacked killing 2 people and several got injured.

The third attack which was the most brutal and ferocious was carried out in Zaria again during Al-Quds rally where 33 people were martyred who were members and supporters of ‘Islamic Campaign of Nigeria’.
I remember 3 of those martyrs were my brothers,  Ahmed, Hamid and Mahmood who were leaders of Islamic Movement and sons of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Around 200 others were also injured in the attack.
I would like to give a message to Pakistan’s brave nation, especially to those families who have sacrificed the lives of their loved ones and to those whose loved ones were martyred in Quetta during Al-Quds’ rally.

I am proud that my brothers were martyred in Al-Quds’ rally and they gave their lives for supporting Palestinians”.


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