Nigerian Army Massacres nearly 1000 Muslims

15th December 2015

Brother Zafar Bangash ~

“Our latest info is that Zeenat and her husband Shaikh Zakzaky have both been injured while their son Hamad has been killed.

Our contacts in Zaria tell us that the death toll may be as high as 1,000. The Nigerian army (it has very close links with the Israeli army) is shooting people on sight in the area where the Shaikh’s compound is located. 

We should raise our voices in condemning this heinous crime and demand that the perpetrators be charged with war crimes. I know nothing will come of it but we should at least raise our voices against this horrific crime against humanity.

I believe letters of condemnation should also be sent to Nigerian embassies in our cities/countries expressing our abhorrence at what their military has done.

Many of our contacts in Zaria have had to go underground because they are anti-Zionist activists and are being hounded by the military.

In great sadness”

Soldiers are trained to kill but their job is to do so against external enemies and in defence of the State. The Nigerian army, like that in Egypt and other parts of the Muslim world, revel in killing their own citizens. The December 12 attack on the Islamic movement in Nigeria has resulted in the cold blooded murder of nearly 1000 innocent Muslims. Will the murderers face trial for their crimes? It is not even being mentioned.

Dubai, Crescent-online
Tuesday December 15, 2015, 10:03 EST

The scale of the slaughter perpetrated by the Nigerian army is gradually becoming known. There are reports that hundreds, perhaps as many as a thousand people may have been shot dead in cold blood in the December 12 attack by the Nigerian military on the headquarter of the Islamic movement.

In an interview with Iran’s Press TV, Nosaiba Zakzaky, daughter of Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, said yesterday (December 14) that she had been informed that perhaps as many as 1,000 people were killed. She is based in Dubai and the interview was conducted from there.

The number of injured is even higher, among them is Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife. Earlier reports had said that the Shaikh’s wife had been killed but it now appears that she is injured although the severity of her injuries are not known, nor the fact whether she and her husband are receiving proper medical treatment.

The Nigerian military has remained mum about the Shaikh’s son who was reported to have been killed. Their silence indicates that he was shot and killed when the army struck the compound using tanks and heavy machine guns.

While the army has alleged that the Islamic movement attempted to assassinate the military chief, the fact that not one soldier was injured much less killed indicates that it is a complete lie and meant to divert attention from the crime the military has perpetrated.

The Nigerian military like that of Egypt and a number of other countries in North and West Africa have cultivated close links with the Zionist army of occupation in Palestine. The massacre perpetrated by the Nigerian army has striking parallels with what the Egyptian army did against peaceful demonstrations in Cairo in August 2013. The brutes in uniform in Egypt also carried out a bloodbath of innocent civilians. The Nigerian army has simply repeated that bloodbath against the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

Why the Nigerian army would indulge in this war crime and crime against humanity? The Islamic movement in Nigeria was creating awareness among people about their rights and urged them to speak out to demand such rights. This is something the military would not tolerate because in due course, the people would have risen up. By then it would have been difficult for the army to kill all the people.

Thus, it decided to strike now by using a false pretext. It is interesting to note that the Nigerian army has not been able to fight the Boko Haram terrorists that follow the same ideology as the takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq yet it used its firepower against unarmed Muslims whose only ‘crime’ was to demand their basic rights.

The Boko Haram terrorists have repeatedly attacked members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. The regime’s security forces have provided no protection to the Islamic movement members.

Also, the Nigerian army shot and killed scores of Islamic movement members in August 2014 during the Quds Day rally. During that attack, three of Shaikh Zakzaky’s sons were martyred. Now he has lost a fourth son in addition to sustaining injuries himself as well as his wife being injured.

The Nigerian army is clearly doing Israel’s dirty work for it. We cannot expect any Western do-gooders to condemn such crimes. There has been scant reporting of the massacre in the Western media. That indicates where their priorities lie.

One can imagine the hue and cry that would have erupted if members of the Islamic movement had killed a few people in Nigeria. There would be allegations of terrorism and calls for severe punishment. The military can massacre hundred if not a thousand people and there is hardly a whisper of protest.

2 thoughts on “Nigerian Army Massacres nearly 1000 Muslims

  1. I knew Zafar Bangash even before he became editor of Crescent International published in Toronto. We both worked for the Islamic Movement.

    Nigerian army is trained by Israeli army officials. Gen. Ariel Sharon had visited Nigeria. The current Nigerian so-called “Islamist” president Maj. Gen. (ret) Mahummudu Buhari was the one who established diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity as country’s military dictator in the past. In 1984, Buhari hired Israeli Mossad services to kidnap country’s former transport minister Umaro Dikko living in exile in Britain (Dikko Affair).

    Igbo tribal people in Nigeria who claim to have Jewish roots, are helped by Israel and United States economically. In return those people look after Israeli interests in Africa. Nearly 15,000 Israeli Jews live and work in Nigeria’s agro, mineral and oil sectors.

    Israeli Jews has infiltrated every sector of Nigeria. They support both Muslims and Christians – but are very allergic to Shia Muslims due to their hatred of Iran, Iraq and Hizbullah.

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