The West has waged war against Syria – a war of terror and an economic war

Syria: what the people have seen cannot be unseen.

When I was last in Damascus and interviewed George and Jean Ibrahim about their horrific experience during a terrorist shelling of Jean’s school in April 2014 – I also had the privilege to interview Ghassan Al Issa, the Principal of Al Noor secondary school who talked to me in the courtyard of the Al Manar elementary school that was the target on that day in April 2014.

The entrance of Al Manar school leading to the playground that was targeted, by terrorist groups, in April 2014. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Ghassan reinforces what almost all Syrians in Syria will tell you – the terrorists are promoted and sponsored by the West and have waged war against Syrian civilians for almost 9 years, murdering children and innocent people in crowded residential areas.

Ghassan talks about the “black day for this school” when “the courtyard and corridors were covered in blood”.

“Western media always conveyed the exact opposite of truth. The State would never target its citizens and students.”

“Western media, even Arabic media conspired against Syria”.

Ghassan talks about the “steadfast Syrian Arab Army” that has endured such suffering and has made such sacrifices for the people of Syria.

He also talks about the “oppressive economic sanctions”, the hidden war being waged against Syria by the governments in the West.

Entering Al Manar school in the narrow residential streets of Bab Touma, the Old City, Damascus – regularly targeted by terrorist groups embedded in East Ghouta before 2018 and sponsored by the U.S Coalition. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

All these Syrian voices speak in unison. They are not prompted or coached by the hidden hand of the Syrian state as Western media hacks would have us believe. They are united behind the truth, the truth they have been aware of and have spoken of since the first days of this filthy war but their voices have been utterly discarded by Governments and aligned state-media in the West because they are the “inconvenient truth”.

Please listen to Ghassan, he speaks on behalf of Syria and all Syrians who have all endured the trauma and horror of a war they did not want.

Watch the full interview here:

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