Gaslighting: “do not question the reality you are being force-fed”

Sharing this comment from activist, political analyst and outstanding human being, Ian Jenkins

“I notice that anyone sceptical of lockdown and other government measures supposedly meant to address Covid-19 gets called things like an ‘internet doctor’ or asked whether they are an ‘expert’ by lockdown supporters and uncritical v*ccine enthusiasts.

Yet almost all the misuse of terminology, empty rhetoric, anecdotal evidence, narrow focus, incorrect or meaningless statistics and clear lack of anything resembling independent research or critical thinking comes from the very same people heaping personal abuse on those asking questions and raising well-founded doubts.

The thing is, you don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to raise questions on issues relating to any area of government policy – if that were the case we may as well end democracy now (such as it is).and just go for full technocratic dictatorship: we’ve made a good start down that road, after all.

It is the duty of every citizen in a supposed democracy to ask questions of their government and interrogate the advice they are acting on by equiping themselves with all of the information they can find to challenge anything they disagree with or that they find morally repugnant or even dangerous.

It is also not the place of government to delegate their responsibility for policy making to a narrow coterie of experts and to take scientific opinion and advice as a mandate for legislation and a template for governance.

It certainly isn’t the role of a concerned citizen in any real democracy to merely passively accept it when they do.”

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