Sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction in Syria and Venezuela – Richard Medhurst interview

Richard Medhurst – for Press TV’s The Communique

“Venezuela and Syria are both under siege warfare by the United States and its allies. Richard Medhurst speaks with Alena Douhan, United Nations Special Rapporteur on sanctions, about her preliminary report after recently returning from Venezuela. It examines horrific effect of United States and European Union sanctions on Venezuela’s various social programs, schools, medical facilities and public infrastructure.

Medhurst also sits down to speak with Vanessa Beeley, currently living in Damascus, about the sadistic Caesar Act sanctions, imposed by Trump and continued by Biden, which have caused Syria’s already war-torn economy and society to suffer from increased food and medicine shortages, hyperinflation as the Syrian Pound hits a record low.”…

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One thought on “Sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction in Syria and Venezuela – Richard Medhurst interview

  1. This is excellent–its contents endlessly disturbing. Kudos to Mr. Medhurst and PressTV. (Unable to “Like” this posting above.)

    The brief image of the Venezuelan father and daughter scrounging through a garbage can for scraps of food was especially searing to me.

    Would Russia and China stand up big-time. please? I beg them….

    Viva Venezuela! Viva Syria! (Always: Viva Palestine!)


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