SYRIA: Terrorist attack on Christian ceremony in Al Sqeilbiyyeh

Terrorists revenge-attack children and civilians after trilateral summit in Tehran

Moment of suicide drone strike on Syrian Christian ceremony, Sunday 24th July. Screenshot from video.

My section on UK Column News covering the heinous Turkish proxy terrorist attack on a Syrian Christian ceremony on Sunday 24th July. During the ceremony to open the Hagia Sophia replica church in Al Sqeilbiyyeh on Sunday, Idlib terrorist carried out a suicide drone attack on more than 1000 civilians, children, teenagers, foreign diplomats, Syrian dignitaries and faith leaders who had come together to honour Syrian and Russian martyrs who have given their lives in the 11 year war against Western-incubated terrorism:

In the midst of the ceremony just as a representative from the Syrian Al Waqf religious institution was talking about forgiveness and leniency towards those who have harmed Syria, the terrorists attacked. Four meters away from our seats the drone struck – a young National Defence Solider Hisham Elias took the full force of the blast shielding us all. The statue also protected us from the shrapnel and deadly debris. Hisham later died from his dreadful wounds. Seven others were injured, soldiers and teenagers. There was mass panic as people fled to any shelter they could find. Reports of more drones incoming forced us all to leave the vicinity and return to the town center. This is a new warfare funded by the US Coalition, technology most probably supplied by Turkey and training by NATO member state operatives on the ground in Idlib assisting the terrorists to kill Syrian civilians.

This a war crime which you will never hear about from the BBC or CNN. Full article to follow shortly.

Martyr Hisham Elias (National Defence) standing guard by the statue.
Aftermath of the suicide drone strike. Hisham died shortly after from his wounds. Photo: Vanessa Beeley
Hisham’s funeral the same afternoon. Photo: Ghaith AlAbdullah
Setting up for the event. Photo: Vanessa Beeley
More than 1000 civilians present including hundreds of children. Photo: Fahed AlWakil
Nabel AlAbdallah before the event. Leader of the National Defence Forces. Photo: Vanessa Beeley


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