We are at war, we are outnumbered, respect is key to our success… Gearoid O Colmain

This is an incredibly well expressed reaction from a respected traveller on the same road as many of us.  It is a reaction to the phenomenon of negative debate and Facebook tyranny that has become a more prevalent factor in daily social media interaction.  Perhaps it is a reflection of the sectarian division tactics being used globally to exacerbate fault lines in society.  It is important that debate is a positive experience, while none of us are immune to the ubiquitous trolls and hate speech spewers, there are many genuine searchers and seekers out there who are constructively trying to enlighten themselves.  We have a duty of respect towards our fellow travellers, especially those who have offered unstinting support to our own battles.  We are not many, we are tired and we are overstretched.  Now more than ever, unity is key and whatever our differences, they are irrelevant to the bigger picture.  I leave you to digest Gearoid’s words of wisdom for those who wish to hear them…

“It has come to my attention that a former fb ‘friend’ has posted a meme in which he warns his ‘followers’ to be aware of a ‘fascist’ infiltration in the ‘left’. The person in question is referring to me. He is accusing me of being a racist and a fascist. He does not mention my name but I know he is referring to me and he knows I know.

That person has been blocked. Now, I want to make a couple of points. I do not need to waste time trying to refute the calumny of the person in question. Those who know me and my work would not use such terms to describe it. This attack on my character by a public intellectual working in the same field as myself, who contributes to similar news outlets to me, constitutes a most dastardly and outrageous attempt at thought policing.

Moreover, it is deeply dishonest as the author was referring to a meme I posted concerning the refugee crisis, had read my comments on a most vituperative personal attack by another ‘anti-imperialist’ activist and could have sought clarification from me regarding my views on race. Instead, he chose to go behind my back and deliberately distort my statements, mendaciously implying that I was a far-right racist ranting about the danger posed by immigrants to the ‘white race’.

This is a technique I have experienced before while debating Zionists on Press TV. Zionists, that is to say, those who support the racist entity currently occupying Palestinian lands, often use the ‘racism’ card to discredit their opponents.
So, why did he attack me? I said before and I will say it here again and, as of now, I stand over what I say. I believe President Assad is right when he says that ISIS terrorists are heading to Europe in their droves, disguised as refugees. Gaddafi warned us of this along time ago too. I observed that many of the migrants heading to Europe are young men of conscription age.

This has been confirmed my many sources, including respected RT journalists who have contacted me on this to seek my permission to quote the aforementioned meme. I DID NOT say nor have I ever said that ALL the people heading to Europe were terrorists. I said there seemed to be many young men of conscription age.

Syria has lost thousands of its men and women in this war. They need more troops. I made the point that when your country is invaded it is an honourable thing to fight, and that fight can be on any level, military, information-war, just posting something truthful on facebook. It seemed to me that many of the refugees were anti-Assad, and many more were not even Syrian.

I was then attacked by another well known ‘anti-racist’ activist who said I myself should go to Syria and fight, willfully ignoring the fact that my meme was intended to raise questions about a possible psychological and Zionist geo-strategic operation behind the current wave of migrants, said to be from Syria.

A few days later, again simply thinking out loud and testing ideas, I posted another meme in which I said that Victor Orban of Hungary was correct in erecting a fence on the Hungarian border with Serbia. Why? Because Orban, who is close to Moscow and Beijing, has had enough of US, EU, Zionist criminality. But more importantly, he is purely and simply implementing the laws of the Hungarian nation-state and EU law which stipulates that immigrants must be registered at the border.

Therefore, if they want to pass through Hungary they have to go through police controls. This is normal in all nations throughout the world. Yet, he is being demonised for simply implementing the law.

Orban is and has been for a long time, a target of CIA/Mossad regime change operations. In fact, they are already planning a colour revolution in his country since he kicked out the IMF a few years ago. Orban is described as ‘far right’ and ‘fascist’. He is nothing of the sort. He is a bourgeois, nationalist, patriot like Putin and Assad. His zionist enemies are calling him the ‘Chavez of Europe’, the ‘Castro of Europe’ etc. Orban has no such pretentions but he is an enemy of the New World Order and attempts on his life have already been made in 2013.

Then I was attacked by the aforementioned ‘anti-racist’ activist, who also contributes to the same news outlets as myself. He called me a scum bag, an idiot, a ‘white suprematist’ etc. He has been blocked.

The Middle East and North Africa are being depopulated. The people have lost everything. Now, NATO, using the techniques perfected in the Arab Spring, that is to say, using the ills of capitalism to further capitalism, are exploiting destitute people to flood the EU. They want to break up all EU nation-states.

They want to create a dystopian form of multiculturalism where Wahhabised Muslims live in permanent tension with neo-nazi ‘white power’ racists. This is happening before our very eyes. Meanwhile, banks linked to the Rothshilds such as Barclays are making a fortune from the misery of these people.

Israel is pushing out West into the Sinai and East towards Syria. Arabs are being driven from their lands, shipped on US funded boats to Europe in order to make room for Jewish Lebensraum. All of this is part of the Yinon Plan. Racist and racialist theorists say that the Jewish supremacists want to destroy the white race by dumping all of the Southern Hemisphere peoples in Europe while taking their lands. I have read some of their views and I believe that it does correspond to the ZIONIST VISION for the future of humanity, NOT MINE.

Zionists believe that the Jews are the master race. They believe that all non Jews are inferior. They have always hated Arabs, Blacks and other races but they hate white gentiles even more. They hate white gentiles because they suffered under their oppression for many centuries. So I believe the racist theorists might be correct in this aspect of their analysis of Jewish supremacism . But I am not a racist theorist. I am a communist. I am not a ‘leftist’ either and am not part of any ‘left’. Neither am I part of anyone’s ‘rank’ or ‘circle’. I have never submitted to group-mind and group-think. I am not an ‘anti-racist’, ‘anti-capitalist’, ‘anti-imperialist’, anti this or anti that. I am a communist and I am very proud of that fact. I am for something. That something is communism. And my views on nationality and race conform with those of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha.

These writers are useful tools not sources of dogma.We communists do not subscribe to the notion that race determines one’s character. We do not believe that one race is better than another. We believe that the key to human liberation is the abolition of exploitation, the liberation of production from profit. We believe that the transition to communism requires the dictatorship of the proletariat and the peasantry.

We call this proletarian democracy.We support all national liberation struggles in colonial and semi-colonial countries but are not interested in the independence struggles of imperialist countries such as Scotland or Catalonia, agendas promoted by EU imperialism in order to divide the British and Spanish working classes. Josef Stalin, whom the slanderers of my character have obviously not read, wrote about the problem of race and nationality in his magnificent essay ‘On the National Question’. If you want to know what I think about race, read Uncle Joe!

One more point is necessary on this: Both of the activists who have slandered and attempted to intimidate me and other activists are Trotskyites or if they are not, they behave exactly like him. Trotsky was notorious for his arrogance, notorious for splitting groups and ganging up on people, notorious for refusing self-criticism, notorious for using ultra-leftist phrases to disguise his intellectual vacuity and reactionary, right- wing ideology. Hardly surprising that Goebbels used Trotskyite propaganda during Operation Barbarossa! Anyone who wants to know about him should read the forthcoming book by my friend and teacher Grover Furr called Trotksy and Hitler!

Vanessa Beeley has also been attacked by these slanderers. Vanessa is a tireless and intrepid activist and writer, deeply committed to truth and justice. She is always open to learning and learning and re-learning and has no pretensions or egotistical complexes. Anyone who knows her work does not need my descriptions. The abusive attacks on her by these ‘activists’ is nothing less than shameful!

I use facebook for education. That is all. I post ideas, sometimes thought out, sometimes utterly conjectural. Sometimes I rant and rave and curse and swear. I learn from comments, links, debates etc. Social media presents a wonderful opportunity to tap into some of what I believe to be the greatest minds and most inspiring people in the world. But I have rules which I try to adhere to in my interactions with other people.

1 Avoid argumentum ad hominem, practise argumentum ad rem, don’t attack the person, attack the issue!
2 Always be prepared to learn. Question your own views. That requires admitting that you may have got things terribly wrong.
3 Enjoy the learning experience. Being wrong is good. You will never be a good fighter if you don’t know how to take punches.
4 Be polite when trying to point out what you believe to be someone’s error. Try to help them see better if you feel they are confused. Don’t try to score points.
5 Be open to the possibility that everything you always believed about everything might be completely wrong.
6 Read the works of people who have a completely different view of the world from you, whatever that view is.That will help you to achieve more clarity.
7 Try to practise the art of arguing from the point of view of your ideological enemy. This is a good mental exercise which was practised by IRA H Block prisoners during the Troubles in Ireland.They would have debates in which they would have to argue from the view of their loyalist, unionist, racist opponents. Bobby Sands would often win debates with his IRA comrades arguing from a loyalist position. Yet, Bobby would go on to starve himself to death for the cause he believed in. In Ireland, the only reason we have peace is because the IRA learned to study the ideology of their enemies.
8 Don’t gang up on people. That’s the behavior of a thug. Fight your own corner!
9 Be your own man or woman! No one can tell you what you should believe. Sometimes you might be all alone in your views.
10 Learn to cooperate with people who have different views from you for common goals.Find a common platform. For example, if you disagree with someone about who the good guys and bad guys in world war two were, and you still disagree after debate,leave it. Focus on the common platform. If you agree on Syria, Libya etc, then work with that person on that issue. If you are a communist, work with the libertarian, conservative, liberal, anarchist, even the Trotskyist ( gritting my teeth!) on the common platform. That is the only way we can progress.

And don’t waste time. We are at war. They are many, we are few. We must reach out to more people if there is to be any future for humanity. So get on with the work!”

Gearoid O Colmain

4 thoughts on “We are at war, we are outnumbered, respect is key to our success… Gearoid O Colmain

  1. Gearoid, I heard you on RT this evening 14/11/15 and your analysis of the horrific Paris massacres was fluent, powerful and direct. I was also very impressed with your analysis in January 15 after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. That too was incredibly refreshing amid all the bilge coming from MSM. Thanks also for an essay you wrote analysing the compromised coverage of Aleppo university bombing by the Irish Times in January 2012. That was a very powerful piece for me, the kind of precise work which is not conspiracy theory but (as Parenti would say) ‘Conspiracy analysis’. More of this please!!! It was good you were allowed to elaborate your argument so fully today and without any interruptions considering your very strong challenge to the EU and French establishment. Anyway, keep up the good work and don’t let the knockers (‘left’ or ‘right’) depress you. Personally, I felt that what you said re the refugees and migrants was fine and balanced. You call a spade a spade and don’t play the pc game.
    Regards, Shane (Ireland)

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