‘Sarin Doesn’t Slice Throats’ – the Syria ‘chemical weapon’ fraud

Western intelligence agencies were instrumental in staging events designed to facilitate military intervention against the Syrian government.

“Germ and chemical weapons may often be weak in their battlefield applications but they are always strong in their emotiveness. Accusations of association with them have for centuries, even millennia, been used by well-intentioned as well as unscrupulous people to vilify enemies and to calumniate rivals. Can onlookers protect themselves against the possibility of such assaults upon their common sense today?”- Julian Perry Robinson

I interview journalist and geopolitical analyst for the Libertarian Institute – William Van Wagenen about his article covering the 2013 Eastern Ghouta alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Van Wagenen has done an incredible job of drawing all the threads together and demonstrating the collusion of Western, Israeli, Turkish and Gulf Intelligence agencies in the staging of events designed to provoke US/UK-led military intervention and to topple the Syrian government.

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